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Automatic autonomous fire extinguishing devices that serve to protect closed spaces


Automatic autonomous fire extinguishing devices that serve to protect closed spaces

The device works automatically without operator intervention, self-acting, without the need for an external source on the principle of detecting high temperatures or a direct flame, independently of the electrical supply with a special modified polyamide (PA) hose (with an outer diameter of approx. 18 mm), which is activated at a temperature of 70°C - 100°C (± 3°C), depending on the type of Proteng device, or by direct flame.

When a fire occurs due to the action of fire or when the temperature in the protected space reaches a critical limit, the pressure tube in the place with the highest temperature degrades, melts and creates an opening through which the entire content of the extinguishing agent is released under pressure directly into the focus of the fire.

The extinguishing agent HFC227ea (heptafluoropropane) is a liquefied gas that gasifies when entering the atmosphere. The extinguishing effects are based on the cooling and anti-catalytic effect. The fire extinguishing agent absorbs the heat of the combustible material and at the same time enters into the chain chemical reaction of burning and slows down and stops this reaction.

The extinguishing agent is not toxic or poisonous, it has no carcinogenic or mutagenic effects.

Updated on: 4.7.2022

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