Around Slovakia - cycling races

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The jubilee 65th year of the Around Slovakia race is once again heading up a level. Compared to previous editions, up to seven teams of the highest league will perform on Slovak roads in September. Home fans can once again welcome the big names of world cycling. A peloton of 21 teams on the route Košice, Spišské Podhradie, Dolný Kubín, Považská Bystrica, Trenčianske Teplice and Trnava will compete for UCI points in the period from 14 to 18 September 2021.

Around Slovakia - cycling races

The jubilee 65th year of the Around Slovakia race is once again heading up a level. Compared to previous editions, up to seven teams of the highest league will perform on Slovak roads in September. Home fans can once again welcome the big names of world cycling. A peloton of 21 teams on the route Košice, Spišské Podhradie, Dolný Kubín, Považská Bystrica, Trenčianske Teplice and Trnava will compete for UCI points in the period from 14 to 18 September 2021.

For three years, our most important event took place in the calendar of the International Cycling Union as the last stage check before the World Championships. Riders applying for a rainbow jersey thus have a unique chance to fine-tune their form at the racing pace. The organizers meet their needs by offering a similar profile of the tracks as the World Championship in a given year. And it won't be any different in the current edition. The general partner of the event is Nike - the first Slovak betting company, the oldest and largest betting company in our country. The main partner is the Škoda brand, which ensures mobility during the race by providing a fleet of cars.

Source: Okolo Slovenska (2.8.2021)
Source: Okolo Slovenska (2.8.2021)

The team of teams at the 65th year of the Around Slovakia race

Cycling fans in Slovakia will once again get a great chance to see up close people lifting laurels at the most important events in the world. The participation in the category of WT teams was confirmed by the regulars on our Deceuninck routes - Quick Step and Bora-Hansgrohe , with a preliminary promise to start Petr Sagan. After previous satisfaction with our event, we will again welcome Israel Start-Up Nation and the German team Team DSM (formerly Sunweb). Among the 7 top teams, the Australian Team BikeExchange cyclists , the riders of the South African Qhubeka Assos and the Astana Premier Tech in Kazakhstan will have their premiere on Slovak roads.

This number is complemented by 6 professional continental teams - Bingoal Pauwels Sauces, Australian Bardiani CSF Fairzane, Uno X, Gazprome Rusvelo, Novo Nordisk and Kern Pharma. The start will be closed by 7 continental teams and the Slovak national team. Compared to recent years, the number of Slovaks in the peloton will increase, as in addition to the Slovak national team and the participation of Dukla Banská Bystrica, the new Slovak continental team Cycling Academy Trenčín will also have the opportunity to present itself. Kasper Author, Mazowsze Serce Polski, Adria Mobil, Friuli ASD and Maloja Pusbikers will join the Slovak continental units at the start.

Source: Okolo Slovenska (2.8.2021)

The track will take cyclists from the east to the west of Slovakia

This year, the atmosphere of starts and finishes will be enjoyed by fans of literally the whole country, from its east to the west. The organizers have compiled the track to bring it closer to the current World Championship track and provide the riders with the best possible training conditions.

The race will start with an attractive evening prologue through the historic streets of the city of Košice. The metropolis of the East will also be the scene of the first 151 km long stage. The start and finish will take place on Roosevelt Street, in front of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. During the first stage, the competitors will compete with 5 mountaineering bonuses (above Bukovec, Štós, Folkmár, Jahodná and above Bukovec) and two speed bonuses (Medzev, Gelnica - always at MsÚ).

Lovers of our sport in the east will see the world peloton the next day. With the start under Spiš Castle, it will take cyclists through the ancient Levoča, Spišská Nová Ves, High Tatras to Dolný Kubín. During 190.4 kilometers, 2 speed bonuses (in Spišská Nová Ves and Liptovský Hrádok) and 2 mountaineering bonuses (in Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso) will be fought. The Dolnokubínci will welcome the winner on Športova Street near the stadium.

Even the third day, the world peloton will not breathe. On the route from Dolný Kubín, it will reach Považská Bystrica in 194.2 kilometers via the Orava and Kysuce roads. Up to 4 mountain bonuses await him on the route (Lutiše, Semeteš, Manínska tiesňava and Čelkova Lehota - saddle) and 4 speed bonuses (Čadca, Bytča, Považská Bystrica when crossing the finish line and then on Kukučínova street).

The last stage will also offer a decent portion of kilometers. It will start in the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice, and then through Motešice, Zlatníky, Topoľčany, Hlohovec, Šúrovce it will bring a peloton to Trnava on Štefánikova Street. After crossing the finish line, the cyclists complete the circuit through Ružindol, Borová, and back towards Suchá nad Parnou. This year's Around Slovakia will culminate after 159 km in the center of Trnava on Štefánikova Street. Even during the final stage, they will fight for 2 mountaineering bonuses (shortly after the start of Machnáč and then in Hlohovec) and 3 speed bonuses (Topoľčany, 1st crossing of the finish line and Borová).

Source: Okolo Slovenska (2.8.2021)

UCI points and jerseys

UCI 2.1 races offer a decent portion of UCI points. In the overall ranking, the first 25 competitors score, while the leader scores up to 125 points for the overall ranking. He can add points for placing in the top 3 stages (14, 5, 3 points) + 3 points for keeping the yellow jersey during the stage.

The gain of points is governed by the rules of the UCI (2.10.008).

The event includes several competitions, the leaders of which will be distinguished in the peloton by special jerseys. The leader of the overall race will receive the rarest, yellow jersey with the logo of Niké - the general partner of Around Slovakia. Family business no. 1 in Slovakia in the evaluation of Forbes 2018 led by doc. Ing. Otto Berger, CSc. last year decided to expand its activities into one of the most popular sports and joined the general partnership of our international cycling races.

The scoring competition consists of gaining points in the finish (first 10 riders) and on the speed bonuses (5 riders). The leading racer of this competition will receive a green jersey, which bears the logo of a long-term partner not only of the Races Around Slovakia, but of cycling in general, the Škoda brand.

The ranking of mountaineering bonuses is evaluated in the mountaineering competition. Its leader will receive a dotted jersey. The best rider under 23 in the overall standings will be awarded a white jersey.

Team classification is also made during the race. A competition for the best Slovak is also prepared for Slovak cyclists, and after the final stage, the best racer under the age of 23 will also be awarded.

At the end of each stage, we will also announce the most combative competitor, who will bear the red starting number the next day.

Source: Okolo Slovenska (2.8.2021)

Racing under the guise

The global pandemic has been shuffling life cards for the second year in a row. This time, too, there were shifts in the international calendar at the beginning of the season; our races have not yet been affected by the changed program. The UCI and individual countries deal with the situation operatively, according to the valid legislation in that country. The International Cycling Union has developed very strict rules for the organizers. Adherence to them has become part of the evaluation of events.

Mandatory tests of all riders, the escort and the organizing team of the event, or the wearing of veils during joint contact, have become the standard. It will not be otherwise this year either. In preparation, we are counting on several versions of our race towards the fans - relaxed conditions, easier restrictions, strict measures. We believe that the situation will be stabilized after the summer and cycling enthusiasts will be able to see the atmosphere at the start and finish at close range.

"Energy on wheels" a favorite ride for fans in every city

An interesting program will be prepared for spectators in the target cities this year as well. A raffle full of interesting prizes awaits the children, as well as the stands of the event partners. Fans alongside the track and at the finish line can look forward to gifts from the advertising column, which will go about half an hour in advance of the peloton. Of course, everything will take place in accordance with the measures of the Government of the Slovak Republic, the Chief Hygienist and the UCI guidelines for preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

A novelty compared to previous years will be the holding of a popular ride for fans in each target stage city.

Source: Okolo Slovenska (2.8.2021)

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Suitable for: Cyclists, Young, Adults
Updated on: 8.8.2021
Source: Okolo Slovenska

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Around Slovakia - cycling races
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