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We produce wines from young less traditional varieties or non-traditional wines from conventional varieties.

Fitz & Petrík winery

We produce wines from young less traditional varieties or non-traditional wines from conventional varieties.

The year was 1975 and our parents encoded our love for wine in our DNA without our knowledge. However, we found out much later. After more than 35 years, our love for wine and vineyards has fully erupted in us. We were enchanted by the beauty (not only) of the Little Carpathian vineyards. And our passion has become new, especially Slovak vine varieties bred in Šenkvice.

And so, since 2012, we have been producing wines from new nobles with heart and enthusiasm, which have become a major part of our wine list. As a standard in our portfolio you will find new varieties such as Breslava, Nitria, Devín, Pálava supplemented by classics such as Iršai Oliver, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon. Every year, however, we replace a classic variety with something new.

In life we are lucky to be able to produce wine for fun and pleasure. Wine does not make up our livelihood. Every piece of free time, often at the expense of our family, we dedicate to vineyards and wine. We regularly and enthusiastically, according to our wives all too often, watch the wine develop.

Quality wine is born in the vineyard. That is why every year we try to improve or expand the vineyards so that we can produce wine from our own vineyards. We want to contribute with our piece to the development of viticulture and thus return to the Malokarpattia region its original character of beautiful vineyards.

We love experimenting. Just one of many experiments brought us a unique cuveé - our flagship pink semi-dry FOAJÉ. Wine made by coupage of three varietal wines. The basis is a native extremely aromatic variety of white grapes Ferdinand de Lesseps. This wine is always mixed with one rosé and one white varietal wine in individual vintages so that we achieve a balanced harmony of aroma, acids, residual sugar and an attractive pink color.

It is an amazing experience for us when our friends, known but also unknown, taste our wine. If wine is also a passion, love and an integral part of the pleasure of life for you, you are at the right wine and viticultural address with us.

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Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Updated on: 3.4.2019

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Phone: +421 903 685 288
Website: fpvinarstvo.sk
Fitz & Petrík winery
Kozare 1778
900 81  Šenkvice
Region: Bratislavský
District: Pezinok
Area: Trnavsko
 48.292467, 17.353136

Kozare 1778
900 81  Šenkvice

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