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It is located in the historic building of Umelecka Beseda and is one of the cultural monuments of the Slovak Republic.

Art Gallery

It is located in the historic building of Umelecka Beseda and is one of the cultural monuments of the Slovak Republic.

The former building of Umelecka Beseda (1924 - 1926; architects Alois Balán and Jiří Grossmann) became a milestone in the development of Slovak architecture on its path to functionalism. Its architecture, free from any decor, clearly respected the individual functions. Although the UB building is one of the smallest in the given place, it dominates its surroundings and creates its atmosphere.

The functional core of the building consists of a large exhibition hall and a small exhibition hall. In the building it is possible to observe the development from classical to modern and functionalist architecture. While the entrance area still has traces of arched decorations and there is a heavy coffered ceiling in the vestibule, the large exhibition hall is already constructed of simpler reinforced concrete frames and its northern overlay is a glass roof with a factory look. The facades of unplastered brickwork are reminiscent of early Dutch modernism. Despite these contradictions, the building looks homogeneous and has become a symbolic building for the advent of modern architecture in Slovakia.

In the years 2004 - 2006, 2010 and 2013 - 2014, the Slovak Art Union carried out an extensive reconstruction of the building, which has never been realized before (since 1927), also thanks to financial support from the Slovak Gas Industry Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

Artists can realize their exhibitions either in the two halls of the UMELKA Gallery, or in the premises of the Artists 'Club, located on the top floor of the building (see the Artists' Club section).

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Updated on: 25.5.2018

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Phone: +421 25 296 2402
E-mail: office@svu.sk
Art Gallery
Dostojevského rad 4533/2
811 09  Bratislava
Region: Bratislavský
District: Bratislava I
Area: Bratislava
 48.141067, 17.117413

Dostojevského rad 4533/2
811 09  Bratislava

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