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The Radošiny Naive Theater was established in the 1960s (first premiere on December 25, 1963) in Radošin (11 km from Piešťany, 21 km from Topoľčany, 33 km from Nitra and 100 km from Bratislava). The theater was founded by a student of the Faculty of Education in Nitra and a long-time Radošín theater amateur actor and director Stanislav Štepka. RND is an author's theater with original poetics, which from the beginning to the present day plays plays by the only author, Stanislav Štepka.

Radošinské naivné theater

The Radošiny Naive Theater was established in the 1960s (first premiere on December 25, 1963) in Radošin (11 km from Piešťany, 21 km from Topoľčany, 33 km from Nitra and 100 km from Bratislava). The theater was founded by a student of the Faculty of Education in Nitra and a long-time Radošín theater amateur actor and director Stanislav Štepka. RND is an author's theater with original poetics, which from the beginning to the present day plays plays by the only author, Stanislav Štepka.


The first title of the ensemble, which was created under the influence of the emergence of theaters of small stage forms, was Štepek's satirical stage collage of scenes of monologues, poems and songs Nemé tvare or Zver is written with a capital Z (music by Ľudovít Machovič and music group Lux, 1963). A significant creative shift in the life of the ensemble was the introduction of other titles in the second half of the 1960s in the newly established Radošin Club Theater for thirty-two spectators Autopsy, (1966), He Fallen from Oak (1968) and Pràà (1969).


It was in Radošin in the aforementioned club theater that the premieres of Štepek's famous productions directed by Jááánošííík (1970), People (1971) and Alžbeta Hrozná or Krw story (directed by Jaroslava Havettová, 1975) took place in the early 1970s. In particular, the first two plays literally later became theatrical legends.

An extraordinary with an unconventional milestone in the dramaturgy and direction of the theater was the performance of Štepka's play Slovak Tango (1979) directed by the first professional director at the RND, Ivan Balaď (with music by Jiří Stivín). The ensemble's participation in large conceptual art events (Day of Joy, 1971, Evina svadba, 1972) was active, as well as a gradual transition to professionalism in the late 1970s and early 1980s (initially with great difficulties in the monopoly state agency Slovkoncert).

Among others, Stanislav Štepka, Katarína Kolníková, Milan Markovič, Miroslav Siget, Jozef Sloboda, Mária Drozdová, Gita Povodová, Dušan Nágel, Oľga Májovská, Iveta Miffeková, Veronika Bazalová, Tamara Koričanská, Zuzana Kronerová, Dana Vrbovská etc.


Significant authorial and staging deeds, as well as an unprecedented interest in the audience of RND's performances, were recorded in the 1980s, which marked the work of the theater extraordinarily creatively with the arrival of director Juraj Nvot and composer Ján Melkovič. Notable titles of this decade include the productions Wedding (1982), Black Sheep (1983), Pavilion B (1984), Women's Department , (1987), Ship World (1988).

The performance of the "federal musical" by the Prague Semaphore and RND by J. Suchý, F. Havlík, J. Melkovič and S. Štepka on the stage of Studio S Nevesta sold to Kuba (1984) had a direct manifestation. Extraordinary, literally pre-revolutionary attention of the audience and criticism was aroused by Nvot's groundbreaking production Gum and Write (premiere September 21, 1989) in the main roles with Ján Melkovič and Stanislav Štepek. The cultural and social artistic happening Tribute to Jááánošííík in Terchová (in 1986) and especially China to Radošina (June 17, 1989) - Day of cultural travel with RND, with singers and music groups on the railway route Bratislava - Radošina and back was also a clear success. .

In the 1980s, the theater made two interesting medium-length films for Wine ( Vino Balco, directed by Vlado Balco, 1983) and The Village Dream (directed by Fero Fenič, 1984), and released the first LPs (Pet Games, Jááánošííík, Man, Pavilion B). , books Radošinské naivné divadlo, Radošinské naivné divadlo 2 and Katarína Kolníková, Darina Porubjaková, Jana Oľhová, Zuzana Kronerová, Anna Warchalová, Tamara Greksáková, Mária Drozdová, Jana Nagyová, Alena Michalidesová, Milan Markovič, Maruška Mišenčíková, Ján Zachar, Juraj Takac, Pavel Schwarz.

In the 1980s, the theater performed in the PKO Small Stage in Bratislava; from the spring of 1989 to the end of June 2015, she performed regularly on the permanent stage at 5 Škultétyho Street in Bratislava; since September 2015 Radošinské naivné divadlo has its own theater on Záhradnícká street. 95 in Bratislava - in Ružinov.

90 years

In the 1990s, the theater undertook its first trips abroad (Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia) and with great acclaim it presented other titles Peace of the House (1990), Lás-ka-nie, Artillerymen on the Moon (1992), Inn Grand (1993), Maternity Sign, Progress Cinema (1995), Tata (1996), The Final Station (1997), How I Entered Myself (1998), The Bee in Winter (1999).

The collaboration of Stanislav Štepka with the author and actor duo Lasica - Satinský in the productions Where We Go to It (directed by Juraj Nvota, 1991) and The Agreement Possible (directed by Milan Lasica, 1994) was significant. In the play Kino Pokrok (1995), Ondrej Spišák became our guest director, and dramaturg Mirka Čibenková joined the playwright Darina Porubjaková-Abrahámová .

In addition to Katarína Kolníkovová and Stanislav Štepka, actresses and actors Zuzana Maurery, Monika Hilmerová, Soňa Norisová, Lucia Lužinská, František Rehák, Mojmír Caban, Richard Felix, Dušan Cinkota, Csongor Kassai, Anna Šišková, René Štúr successfully performed in the RND ensemble in the 1990s. , Darina Porubjaková, Ján Melkovič, Milan Šago, Vladimír Svítek.

Since 1996, the RND manager has been Ladislav Hubáček , who replaced Pavel Schwarz this year.

An important part of RND is radio production. Since 1971, RND has regularly performed in cabaret and New Year's Eve programs, Pytliak's Wife and Others, The Ten-Crowned World, Ours, They Sang, The Village Dream, Words, Words, Words, What the Year Gave, The Penultimate Bosphorus, The Comedian Chronicle, etc. In the 1980s and 1990s, the theater recorded 25 plays from its repertoire for Slovak Radio.

In the 1990s, RND filmed the play Ship World for STV entitled Trips in Memory (directed by Juraj Nvota, STV 1993), filmed the successful song Dobrá správa (directed by Anton Popovič, STV 1995) in Radošina and the surrounding area, and published the book Three Dreams and CD with songs (Good News, Second Good News).

We also advise on the success of the theater 21 television cabaret shows with RND for the television Markíza Hosť do domu (directed by Juraj Nvota, Ondrej Spišák and Juraj Jakubisko, 1998, 2000), television recording of the cult production Gum and Write , television films Black Sheep (directed by Juraj Nvota, 1996 ) and Jesus rings, open (directed by Ondrej Spišák, 1997).

21st century

In the first two decades of the 21st century, the RND presented the following Štepek's titles: List of Predators (2000), Jááánošííík after Thirty Years (2000), Chaplyn Theater Film Project (2000), Instructions for Use (2001), One Touch (2002), How We Were Searched, Chronicle of Chromium (2003), General (2004), Game of Love (2005), Ten Commandments (2006), Seven Major Sins, Great Illusions (2007), Creation of the World (2008), Someone Like Slovak ( 2008), I have a window (2009), I don't sweeten (2010), Just came (2011), Happy endings (2012), Partly cloudy (2012), Jááánošííík after three hundred years (2013), Sčista-jasna (2013), Glory (2014) ), Mixed Doubles (2015), Lás-ka-nie 2 (2016), To No Fault (2016); all productions receive an above-average audience response. The music for RND began to be composed by Peter Mankovecký, Juraj Haško and Ľubica Malachovská Čekovská, two directing were the work of Kamil Žiška (On One Touch, 2002, Lastovičie rozprávky, 2008), director J. Chlumský made the feature film of the same name based on Štepek's play Konečná stanica (2004) , films based on classical theatrical and literary masterpieces were also made by Juraj Nvota (People, 1994) and Juraj Štepka (Jááánošííík, 2004, Personal Error, 2005), who also recorded the artistic film documentary Chronicle of the Comedian (2003),… and I, Katarína Kolníková (2011), Chronicle of a Comedian 2 or Fifty Years with an Ear on Your Heart (2013).

At least a few names of actresses in the last decade that formed the poetics of RND: Maruška Nedomová, Mojmír Caban, Soňa Norisová, Kristína Farkašová, Kamil Mikulčík, Anna Vargová, Lujza Schrameková, Csongor Kassai, Lenka Barilíková, Dominika Kleisová, Andrea Martvoňová, Lucia , Petra Molnárová, Pavel Čížek etc. Unfortunately, in this decade, Miroslav Siget (2003), Ján Melkovič (2004) and Katarína Kolníková (2006) left our theater forever - the Radošín actor.

In the previous decade, the Ikar publishing house published Štepek's short story book Desatoro (it became the literary basis for the design of the productions Desatoro and Seven Main Sins) and the four-part Chronicle of the Comedian 1-4, thoroughly mapping the history of the theater from the beginning to the end of the 1990s.

On CD and DVD we have released Golden Slovak Hands, Father's Signs, Man, Village Dream, Wine Wine, Room of this House, Someone Likes Slovak, Christmas Theater Evening, Dad, Chronicle of a Comedian, General, Three Times RND.

By the end of June 2016, the Radošinské Naive Theater had staged more than 9,000 performances , which were seen by approximately three million spectators.

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