Andrej Bagar Theater

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The first Nitra theater was built in 1883 with a capacity of 360 seats. The nine-meter-wide stage was lit by kerosene lamps. Nitra had about nine thousand inhabitants at that time.

Andrej Bagar Theater

The first Nitra theater was built in 1883 with a capacity of 360 seats. The nine-meter-wide stage was lit by kerosene lamps. Nitra had about nine thousand inhabitants at that time.

The building stood on the site of the current theater and served the Nitra public until it was destroyed by an air bomb in World War II. However, this did not end the effort to restore the professional theater scene in the city. It was created in the building of the National House and at the same time in the TJ Sokol gym. The space, adapted for theatrical purposes, has been used since December 1949 - for a full 43 years.

In 1992, the Andrej Bagar Theater moved from its old building and since then it has been operating in one of the largest and most modern theater buildings in Slovakia. Two play areas - the Great Hall with a capacity of 577 seats and the Studio with 120 to 150 seats of variable layout - are a prerequisite for the smooth operation of a multifunctional theater stand and create ideal conditions for the creation, presentation and perception of modern stage work.

The dramaturgy of the Andrej Bagar Theater in Nitra caters to both domestic and foreign audiences and takes into account its diversity. The thematic and genre diversity intertwines with the high demands and attractiveness of the stage work. The specific productions reflect the originality of the directing personalities, their distinctive handwriting, aesthetic style, poetics and their own interpretation of the works.

The repertoire includes the basic pillars of world classics and modern drama of the 20th century. The theater regularly presents works for children and young audiences. He considers it a natural duty to present works by Slovak authors, contemporaries and classics.

Magnificent musical and dramatic projects of the theater have recently become very popular. The strong audience response and the positive evaluation of domestic and foreign critics confirm the high professional qualities, comparable to the works of the given genre in the European context. After the famous eras of internal directors (Pavol Haspra, Karol Spišák and Jozef Bednárik), the theater has recently been trying to find a new and distinctive artistic expression. He collaborates with guest distinguished personalities of the domestic and foreign theater scene. It is one of the ways to prevent creative stagnation. Constant artistic confrontation and creative dialogue bring the ensemble artistic development, progress and the viewer the enjoyment of top quality theater production.

The building of the Andrej Bagar Theater with exclusive interiors is an ideal space for various cultural and social events: performances of musical ensembles, dance ensembles of various genres, academies, television recordings, or live broadcasts of entertainment programs, etc. There is a Theater Restaurant and a Cafe with a varied menu of food and drinks, suitable for hosting festive receptions.

The Nitra Regional Theater, later also the Nitra Regional Theater, was established at the turn of 1949/50. Since 1979, it has been named after an important Slovak actor, director, pedagogue and organizer of theatrical life - Andrej Bagar.

In the 60 years of its activity, the ensemble has gone beyond the framework of the so-called regional touring theater and has become a recognized constant in the construction of Slovak professional drama theater. He gained an audience at home and abroad. Productions that are attractive to viewers as well as formally attractive. Creating intellectually and aesthetically demanding. He never resisted the unbroken paths of the creative search for a new theatrical language. He often experimented, gave space to young ambitious creators, took a healthy artistic risk and surprised with his artistic results.

Theater festivals are great theatrical holidays for visitors and theatergoers from Slovakia and abroad. Since 1973, a meeting of Slovak drama professional theaters called Májová divadelná Nitra has been held in the last week of May. Since 1992, the Nitra Theater has been the venue of the DIVADELNÁ NITRA International Theater Festival every year in the last week of September. It is attended by the most important ensembles from all over Europe. The Andrej Bagar Theater is one of the main co-organizers of this festival. At the same time, he regularly participates in it with his own theatrical production. In the future, the theater wants to follow the most current and progressive trends of European theater at the end of the 20th century. Not only to be incorporated into it in its own and irreplaceable form, but above all to enrich it. Building on your own past and acting with the perspective of a new future. Rediscover the basic ethical and aesthetic postulates for the spectator and for the theater itself.

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Andrej Bagar Theater
Svätoplukovo námestie 4
950 53  Nitra
Region: Nitriansky
District: Nitra
Area: Ponitrie
 48.314156, 18.088953

Svätoplukovo námestie 4
950 53  Nitra

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