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A very old attraction of the Čermeľ Forest is the Košice Pioneer Railway built in the years 1955 - 1956 as the very first recreational railway built in Czechoslovakia. Later, other similar railways were created, for example in Prešov, Pilsen and other cities, but only the first one works - Košice.

Košice pioneer railway

A very old attraction of the Čermeľ Forest is the Košice Pioneer Railway built in the years 1955 - 1956 as the very first recreational railway built in Czechoslovakia. Later, other similar railways were created, for example in Prešov, Pilsen and other cities, but only the first one works - Košice.

The railway starts in Čermel ( https://en.mapy.cz/s/hefepaselu ), passes through the beautiful Čermeľ Valley and ends in the Alpinka recreational area and the journey takes 20 minutes.

Therefore, do not forget to drive it when visiting Košice, until some anointed head decides that it is unprofitable and it is necessary to cancel it and scrap it!


The Košice Children's Historical Railway was built in Košice in the years 1955 - 1956 as the Pioneer Railway. The local railway was financed by the Ministry of Transport and it was the first recreational railway in the then Czechoslovakia. Among other things, following the example of similar railways in the then Soviet Union, it also served to educate and motivate young railway workers. Such railways were later established in Prešov, Pilsen and other cities in Czechoslovakia. However, only the one in Košice has survived.

The operation has been financed by ČSD since its inception, after the establishment of the Slovak Republic in 1993 it was the successor - ŽSR. After the division of the railways in the 1990s, the property of DŽ was also divided. The draw in Čermel and historic railway vehicles fell on the property of Železničná spoločnosť, as on 1 January 2002. The track, including transport facilities, remained the property of ŽSR.

The operation in these years, but also to a decisive extent in the present, is financed by the city of Košice. At present, according to the valid Act on Railways no. 164/1996 Coll. Košice Children's Historical Railway with a special track, included in III. category of national railways, designed to ensure the transport needs of the city of Košice in the field of tourism during the summer season.

Source: História (16.3.2020)

Until 2002, the Railways of the Slovak Republic, Železničná spoločnosť, as and the City of Košice contributed equally to the operating loss. Since 2003, the entire operating costs have been borne by the city of Košice (in the past also through DPMK, as). Seasonal operation has lasted in recent years, usually from May 1, until about mid-September.

In 2011, all KDHŽ rail vehicles were taken over by the civic association Detská železnica Košice, and in 2012 it became a railway transport operator. The plan of OZ DŽK is year-round operation. The aim is, for example, to introduce rides during working holidays, special rides, night rides, St. Nicholas, corporate, social, historical and other, which would more effectively evaluate and make visible the existence of DŽ. That is why OZ Detská železnica, in cooperation with the City of Košice, prepared a project for the revitalization of the railway, which would solve this.

The early 1990s did not bode well for the railway and threatened to shut down. The mushroom and enthusiasts were lost. The pioneers stopped participating in the running of the railway, the volunteers disappeared. Literally the rebirth of DŽ was the reconstruction and renewal of the steam locomotive U 36.003 - "Katka" at the initiative of Mayor Rudolf Schuster. The children's railway is, in fact, a historic museum railway. Not only in terms of its nature and uniqueness, but also in terms of the age of preserved rail vehicles and transport equipment. Many have been destroyed over time, but many can be restored or rebuilt as a faithful copy. Only a few museum railways in neighboring countries can match the one in Košice.

Source: História (16.3.2020)

Only forest railways and field railways have been preserved in our country. It is similar to the Košice one only in Ukraine and Russia. It is a great pity that its value has not been appreciated before, especially the original fleet - two rare and ancient steam locomotives. After the arrival of locomotives in 1961, they were decommissioned and destroyed by 1965. Fortunately, one of the original railway locomotives from Smolnícká Huta has been preserved, which was erected as a monument in the Spišská Nová Ves locomotive depot after decommissioning. Therefore, after repairs in the ČSD workshops in České Velenice in 1991, it was possible to put it back into operation. The fire, which was started by vandals in 1992, caused great damage. One of the most valuable wagons burned down. Station buildings were also damaged and completely destroyed.

The track is currently 3.9 km long with a unique gauge of 1000 mm (such is only in Bratislava on the tram line and in the Tatras on TEŽ) and the largest climb of 26% by. In the Čermeľ station, there are still used historical switches and rails coming from the Štiavnica railway. Rolling stock, with the exception of the motor locomotive, is registered as a movable national cultural monument in the Central List of the Slov. Republic (UZPF SR).

More info about the railway: http://www.detskazeleznica.sk

Source: História (16.3.2020)

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Košice pioneer railway
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040 01  Košice-Sever

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