Zadielska dolina - Zadielska strait

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Zádiel Valley is located in the eastern part of the Slovak Karst, just behind the picturesque and tourist village of Zádiel.

Zadielska dolina - Zadielska strait

Zádiel Valley is located in the eastern part of the Slovak Karst, just behind the picturesque and tourist village of Zádiel.

It was created by Chotárny potok, also called Blatnica or Blatný potok in massive limestone layers. This stream creates small waterfalls and cascades here.

The monumental karst gorge is approximately 3.3 km long. The gorge is only 10 m wide by the cities and its limestone walls reach a relative height of over 310 m.

The largest and longest stepped waterfall is the Great Zádiel Cascade and the place only 10 m wide is called the Zádiel Gate.

Zádielská dolina is the deepest gorge in Slovakia and is oriented from north to south. In the rugged gorge are remarkable cliffs, vertical walls and rock cliffs, which are colorful with their shapes, bizarreness and power. In its upper parts we see heavily weathered and forming numerous towers, between which there are depressions. The valley is overgrown with forest in the upper parts and in the lower part the forest passes into rubble.

Of the stone formations in the canyon, the 105-meter-high Sugar Loaf, which was modeled by the erosive action of water, is particularly interesting. Sugar Loaf is the highest towering rock formation in Slovakia. In the rocks of Zádielská dolina there are caves, the most famous of which are Kostrová, Kráľovská, Stará jaskyňa, Kozia jaskyňa, Jaskyňa pod valom, Skrytá jaskyňa, Skrytá sieň, Zádielska zrkadlová jaskyňa, Zelená jaskyňa and Bobková jaskyňa.

At present, we know about 120 caves in the Zádiel Valley.
There is a protected and rare fauna and flora.
The diversity and amount of flora is conditioned by the inversion of vegetation zones.
The Zádiel Valley was declared a national nature reserve in 1954 (NPR Zádielska strait).
Above the valley is a developed plain karst.
The Zádiel Valley separates the tourist-sought Zádiel Plain (located east of the valley) and the Horný vrch plain (located west of the valley), to which marked hiking trails lead.
The Zádiel Valley is best visible from the Zádiel Viewpoint on the Krkavčí Rocks and is attractive in every season.
At the end of Zádielská dolina there are mountain huts that offer refreshments or accommodation.
The second important tourist valley in the Slovak Karst is the nearby Hájska valley, which is sought after by tourists looking for Hájské waterfalls.

Since there is a 5th level of protection, it is forbidden to move outside the marked tourist path or nature trail outside the built-up area of the village and enter or stand with a bicycle on land outside the built-up area outside the highway, road, local road and marked bike path !!! It is strictly forbidden to set up and start a fire in the valley !!!

At the end of Zádielská dolina, approximately 300 meters from the tourist crossroads Zádielska dolina - horáreň (450 m above sea level) along the green tourist sign towards Borčianská planina, there is a snack bar Zádielská chata Ranč.

Parking in the village Zádiel

Operator: municipality Zádiel
Opening hours: March-November / from 9:00 to 16:00
Car - 1.50 € / day
Bus (vehicle for 9 and more people) - 3.50 € / day

Accommodation and meals

The village of Zádiel is the most visited village in the Slovak Karst, which offers accommodation and catering services for visitors.
Directly in the valley there is a snack bar Zádielska chata.

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Updated on: 31.3.2020

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Zadielska dolina - Zadielska strait
049 42  Zádiel
Region: Košický
District: Košice-okolie
Area: Abov
 48.622452, 20.831667

049 42  Zádiel

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