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Lake Malá Izra is located at the eastern foot of the border hill Veľký Milič (985 m above sea level).

Little Israel

Lake Malá Izra is located at the eastern foot of the border hill Veľký Milič (985 m above sea level).

From the geomorphological point of view, it belongs to the Matransko-slanská area and its mountain complex Slanské vrchy (sub-block Milič).

At present, the lake, together with the surrounding area, is a protected area, the Malá Izra nature reserve declared in 1976 and amended in 1988. As a nature reserve with an area of 0.77 ha, it is assigned the strictest level of protection.

The area of the lake is 0.15 hectares, while the water surface is not directly exposed to the sun, but is located in a natural depression of the forest. The lake is surrounded by peat bogs and wetlands. Gradually overgrown, the lake turns partly into a wetland.

The lake was created on the upper course of the Malá Izra stream, which then flows into the Izra stream after 4 km. Despite the higher altitude, which reaches 526 m above sea level at the lake level, there is a lowland alder forest. There are several rare species of plants in the swamp habitat.

As there is a 5th level of protection, it is forbidden to move outside the marked tourist path or educational trail outside the built-up area of the village, to enter or stand by bicycle on land outside the built-up area outside the motorway, road, local road and marked cycle path, forest cover and damage the vegetation and soil cover, catch, kill or hunt the animal and disturb the peace and quiet !!!

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Little Israel
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Slanské vrchy
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