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The medieval stone castle near Obišovce belongs to a series of those castles that began to be built in Hungary after 1241 and disappeared on the border of 15-16. century at the time of increased fortification.

Obišov Castle

The medieval stone castle near Obišovce belongs to a series of those castles that began to be built in Hungary after 1241 and disappeared on the border of 15-16. century at the time of increased fortification.

The chateau lies above the left bank of the Svinka River on the domed promontory of Montenegro in the Sopotnícke vrchy subunit. The chateau is a conical hill with steeply sloping slopes. The area of the castle itself was enriched by relatively high ramparts and a relatively deep moat on the inside of the rampart.

The entire castle complex consists of a medieval access road, an outer rampart with an inner moat, a castle wall with an entrance gate, a guard room, a palace tower and its own courtyard with a cistern. The driveway is still clearly visible today. It led from Obišovice along the southern slope and led to its own area from the east side, probably by a drawbridge. The rampart was simple and topped with local material.

A large part of the rampart was created in such a way that a ditch was deepened on its inner side and the material from it was used both for the construction of brick fortifications and for the construction of the rampart. The castle moat, just like the rampart, can still be recognized today. Its bottom was several meters deeper than the bottom of the current ditch. The castle wall still represents a solid stone building today. According to the mutual overhangs of the castle wall, the castle tower and the castle palace, it was found that the castle wall was built in the first stage of the fortification facility.

The floor plan of the castle wall forms an irregular ellipse. The thickness of the castle wall is not the same everywhere, it ranges between 230 and 250 cm.
The castle wall was built in one construction stage with a gate, which had a maximum width of 350 cm. It was situated on the southern side of the site in the area where it was found that the castle wall was the most destroyed. The castle courtyard was bordered by a castle wall and in this area there were other buildings belonging to a medieval castle. The castle courtyard was modified so that it could be used as much as possible.


Much of the courtyard was paved. The castle tower stood on the eastern side of the site, at its highest point. Depending on the thickness of the masonry and the amount of destructive material, it is clear that the tower was at least three-storey and was built later than the castle wall. On the ground floor, she leaned against the castle wall, starting on the first floor, resting on it and growing out of it. The palace had an irregular elongated floor plan. It was built on the south side of the site and wedged between the main wall and the castle tower.

A cistern was also discovered in the courtyard. The foundations of masonry were discovered by archaeological research in the years 1961 - 1962. The chronological classification of material obtained by archaeological research confirms the opinion that Obišov's medieval castle, about which no written sources could be found, probably succumbed to the Hradec Králové efforts of Hungarian kings in the 15th century. The repair of the castle began in 2012 and continues to this day.

Under the castle there is a shelter with a fireplace and a covered attic with a capacity of approximately 8 seats.

Obišov Castle belongs to the group of 6 castles Šarišský, Kapušianský, Šebeš Castle, Zbojnícky Castle and Lipovec, which are associated under the name Prešovská hradná cesta.

The castle is taken care of by OZ Rákociho cesta in cooperation with the village of Obišovce.

How to get to the castle

The shortest and easiest route to the castle leads from the railway station in the village Ličartovce. The distance from Ličartovská station to the castle is about 2 km. It is necessary to go directly to the ridge of the Svinka valley. On the ridge there is an overgrown and distinct conical protrusion on which the castle is located. This route to the castle can take around 20 minutes.
The second easy path to the castle leads from the village of Obišovce. The route starts at the railway station in Obišovce, where an information board is located. The information board shows the direction of the route and provides information showing the positions of castles around Prešov. The total time along this route to the castle takes about 30 minutes.

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Obišov Castle
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