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The Church of the Holy Trinity and the adjacent monastery is known as the Jesuit.

Church of the Holy Trinity in Trnava

The Church of the Holy Trinity and the adjacent monastery is known as the Jesuit.

Although the Church of the Holy Trinity and the adjoining monastery are now known as the Jesuit Church, it was built by a Trinitarian order. After arriving in Trnava, the Trinitarians first settled in buildings taken from the Trnava Evangelicals, which were located near the Franciscan monastery. Later, they bought several houses on today's Štefánikova and Františkánská streets, and in 1720, with the generous help of Bishop Ján Okoličáni, whose monumental stone coat of arms adorns the façade, they began building their own church. The set of baroque side pillar altars is dominated by the main altar. His large-scale painting depicting the founders of the Order of St. John of Matthew and St. Felix of Valois before the Holy Trinity is the most important work of the interior. In the 50s of the 18th century, it was painted by the important Austrian painter FA Maulbertsch. On the side altar of the Virgin Mary, below the painting, which is a copy of the gracious painting of the Virgin Mary of Regensburg, the remains of two martyrs from Košice - Jesuits P. Š. Pongrác and PM Grodzieckeho. Part of the church is the side neo-style chapel of St. Jozef from 1900, the initiator of the construction of which was a very pious citizen J. Müller. We also come across his name during the construction of the Uršulín school, Calvary or the Chapel of St. Cross in the New Cemetery. There is a small monastery chapel on the floor of the monastery above the sacristy. Today it is modernly furnished, its central painting was painted by the painter Stanislav Dusík, who lives in Florence. The pride of the monastery is a mural from the 18th century, presenting the main themes from the iconography of the Trinitarians - the Holy Trinity, portraits of the founders of the order and genre scenes from their activities. Even the Trinitarians did not escape the fate of the orders abolished by Emperor Joseph II, so in 1782 their activity in Trnava ended. The monastery buildings belonged to the royal grammar school. In 1807 the church with the grammar school was taken over by the Benedictines, later, in 1852, the college, together with the church, received the restored Jesuit Society of Jesus.

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Church of the Holy Trinity in Trnava
Štefánikova 45
917 01  Trnava
Region: Trnavský
District: Trnava
Area: Trnavsko
 48.378249, 17.585039

Altitude: 149 m

Štefánikova 45
917 01  Trnava

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