Roman Catholic Church of St. Štefan Kráľ - Nové Sady

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The building from 1909 is situated on a hill in the Funcín part on the left side of the road to Silo.

Roman Catholic Church of St. Štefan Kráľ - Nové Sady

The building from 1909 is situated on a hill in the Funcín part on the left side of the road to Silo.

The classicist and neo-Romanesque building attracts at first sight with its unconventional design. The facade is dominated by a round window in the middle. The entrance is vertically divided into three even parts, separated by two Doric columns and vaulted with a barrel vault. At the top of the facade is a shield with plastic decoration. At its top is a cross. The side pyramidal tower on the left side of the facade is partially built into the temple. In the lower part, the tower has a square floor plan, which in the upper part turns into an octagon. Under the roof of the tower there are eight vertical windows, each of which is oriented to a different side.

The side facades of the church are vertically divided by plastic protrusions, between them are neo-Romanesque windows. The roof of the church is covered with red copper sheet and in its middle part there are three vicars evenly distributed on each side. The church is closed by an apse in the northwestern part. The interior is divided into three ships - the main and two side. They are separated by massive pillars. The interior is dominated by four altars and an organ.

Originally a Catholic church, dedicated to St. To Štefan, the Hungarian king, he found it on the site of today's Roman Catholic cemetery. The Gothic Christian church was probably built here in the middle of the 16th century. In two years we will celebrate one hundred years of consecration of this temple of God. Preparations for this rare moment began in 2005, when the VDP. Mgr. After consulting with the parish council, Jozef Krištof announced the beginning of the planned restoration of the church's paintings.

The restoration began with a sanctuary where on this occasion the original paintings - saints, Cyril and Methodius and the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary - were also discovered and restored. These are now also effectively lit. From May 2007 to the end of September 2007, the restoration and painting of another part of the church continued.

On Sunday, October 28, 2007, St. mass vdp. Mgr. Štefan Novanský together with Mons. PhDr.hc Vincent Malý, who blessed the new painting. As part of the preparations for the centenary of the church, the exterior of its external appearance was also restored. After consulting with experts and an architect, it was decided to save the original plaster, which is historically valuable and very high quality. With its very rough structure, it corresponds well to the neo-Romanesque architecture of the church. A green coating of the alukrytic roof covering was used for the roof covering, so that the roof harmonizes more closely with the tower, on which the copper sheet is already oxidized to green. The color of the roof thus enlivened even more and highlighted the church building.

Source: Obec Nové Sady (12.9.2021)

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Updated on: 12.9.2021
Source: Obec Nové Sady

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Roman Catholic Church of St. Štefan Kráľ - Nové Sady
1679, 951 24 Nové Sady
Nové Sady
Region: Nitriansky
District: Nitra
Area: Ponitrie
 48.411892950731, 17.977949624893

1679, 951 24 Nové Sady
Nové Sady

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