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The company VÍNO-MASARYK ® sro was established in 1996 at the initiative of Mr. Alojz Masaryk, who had 30 years of experience in viticulture and winemaking.

Masaryk wine

The company VÍNO-MASARYK ® sro was established in 1996 at the initiative of Mr. Alojz Masaryk, who had 30 years of experience in viticulture and winemaking.

Together with their partners, they founded the now well-known company in the ancient royal town of Skalica. He decided that he would teach Slovaks to recognize and drink quality wine, especially homemade wine, because what we have at home was often underestimated. However, the road to this was long and strenuous, which no one will understand who did not do it himself.

We first started small with two workers in a private "booth" p. Masaryk. Gradually, however, the demand for our wine expanded, customers also got used to the brand and typical quality of wines from this area. Therefore, new, more suitable premises for wine production, storage and shop were sought. We found a nice building in the city center, gradually added workers. Alojz Masaryk also gives the spirit of wine to tastings, which he often does at our company, where we also have space for sitting, or outside the company at various tastings, company days, etc., where a glass of good wine from Masaryk is always a welcome addition. We are very honored when our wine lovers feel comfortable and like to return.

We try to provide the best possible service to regular customers, but also to our customers, who take wines from us to their operations and further spread its good name. In principle, you will not find us in supermarkets, but only in hotels, restaurants, wine and gift shops, wine bars and wine bars. We focus on quality, not quantity. We produce many types of wine every year, but in smaller quantities. We usually have 20-35 species on the offer list. White, red, pink, we have these quality, cabinet, late harvests, selections of grapes, berry selections and raisin selections. These are special wines intended for connoisseurs, but everyone can choose here in terms of taste and price. We grow our grapes in Skalické vineyards and we import some of them from Southern Slovakia, where there is beautiful sunshine, which will benefit the grapes, and then there are excellent wines with natural sweetness. We have been cooperating for years with Agricultural Cooperatives and Growers in Strekov, Šala, Dvory nad Žitavou and Svätý Petr.

We produce natural wine without chemicals and various additives, which we do not use in principle. Various researches have shown that the soil where the vineyards in Skalica are planted is very specific and especially the Frankovka variety contains so many antioxidants that it is actually medicinal. Of course, in small quantities every day, which is also recommended by doctors. We invite you to taste our wines, whether at our company or somewhere in your area, and we hope that you will enjoy and find a variety that suits you, because how many people, so many tastes and we will certainly not be indebted to everyone.


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Accepted payments: Cash, Credit card
Languages: Slovak

Suitable for: Adults
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Updated on: 12.1.2018
Source: Víno Masaryk

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monday - friday:
07:00 - 16:30
08:30 - 11:30


Phone: +421 903 552 664
Website: vino-masaryk.sk
Masaryk wine
Sasinkova 2333/18A
909 01  Skalica
Region: Trnavský
District: Skalica
Area: Záhorie
 48.847222, 17.223568

Altitude: 174 m

Sasinkova 2333/18A
909 01  Skalica

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