Where to weekend 13-14 July 2019

Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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Don't sit at home over the weekend, we offer you hundreds of events from all over Slovakia. We select a few of them every week in our Weekend Event Filter.

This weekend we will look at Kubínska Hoľa, where the ski resort will turn into a place where you can measure your strength, endurance, courage and become a Spartan fighter. Kubínska Hoľa Spartan Super & Sprint on Saturday 13.07. will run SPARTAN SUPER (route 13km and 25 obstacles). And on Sunday 14.07. SPARTAN SPRINT (route 5km and 20 obstacles). See what it looked like there a year ago in the aftermovie below the text.

The biggest family festival will visit the Červený Kameň castle, on Saturday 13.07.2019 you will definitely visit this fairytale place with your whole family. Miro Jaroš, Smejko and Tanculienka, FÍHA Tralala, Paci Pac , various theaters, creative games, face painting and many other attractions are waiting for you. The castle gates open at 10:00 and close at 19:00

On Saturday, July 13 , 2019, they will come to have fun in Latin rhythms, right on the SHIP on the DANUBE !!! Boarding time is at 19:00 from pontoon no. 52 in the personal port in Bratislava. A party on a boat is always an unforgettable experience, so don't miss it.


For Saturday, we have another event on offer and that is PIKNIK. Transfer to the times of the past and enjoy the summer in the park as the aristocracy once did, in the English park of the Betliar mansion on Saturday, July 13, 2019 , the group Classic Gipsy Music is looking forward to seeing you and your company from 14:00 . there will also be a natural company of court ladies. Children will be able to try out the popular sports activities of the aristocracy or make a small souvenir, or try on period costumes. There is also a competition for the most delicious pastry , a little change. The party stew is OUT, it is replaced by pastry ...

We at goslovakia.sk have hundreds of events for every day. Would you rather visit an interesting place? No problem, we have over a thousand of them. If you prefer two bikes, click on our bike paths. GoSlovakia, Objav. Visit. Experience.
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