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Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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How best to enjoy the Tatras, see the maximum, taste the local gastronomy and much more you will learn in the next 5 minutes reading. Welcome to the Tatras and enjoy beautiful moments with our trip tips.
We will start a trip tip at Štrbské pleso, one of the most interesting and most visited tourist locations in the Tatras. When visiting, don't forget to visit the ski jumps , we recommend you to sweat a little and walk to the top (if the weather and terrain allow it), you will have beautiful views. You can learn more about their history by scanning the QR code on POI 620 located by the ski jumps , or search for this place in our application, as well as all the places you can read about here.

From the ski jumps, move to the Štrbské pleso lake , created by a receding glacier. In some places it is up to 20 meters deep. In the 19th century, ice was mined here and transported to the imperial court in Vienna. A walk around the whole ball does not take more than an hour on foot. Search POI 623 , scan the QR code and learn more about ice mining. After the walk, take a break and recharge your batteries at the lookout point with the Monte Móry café marked POI 624 . You can find it between the Panorama hotel and the Trigan hotel near Nový Štrbské pleso with POI 625 , which was created artificially after the peat was extracted. Now let's move to the railway station, from where we will go to get to know the current culture in the Tatras and much more.

If you still want to stay at Štrbské pleso, there is still something to admire. Lake of love marked POI 622 , Hotel Solisko - the former railway station has POI 626 , or visit one of the many souvenir shops and please yourself or your friends.


After a short walk from the Monte Móra viewpoint, we will use the ecological and comfortable transport by the Tatra electric railway. Timetable can be found by clicking . Traveling by train is advantageous if you use the Tatra CARD. Ask about its benefits in your accommodation. If you do not have a card, you must buy a ticket. Your destination will be Tatranská Polianka 4 stops away. Digital gallery "Poliankovo" will entertain children and adults. On an area of 500 m2, an audiovisual experience created using modern technologies awaits you. The gallery of the Slovak traveler Pavel Barabáš entitled "Dialogue with the Planet" is currently taking place in the gallery. The exhibition will introduce visitors to different corners of our planet, so that we can better understand what amazing planet we live on and why it is necessary to protect it.

After this experience, head to the train station again, we will move 4 stops to Starý Smokovec where we will put something good under our teeth and visit a place where tricks and illusions are born.


Welcome to Starý Smokovec, the oldest Tatra settlement and administrative center of the High Tatras. I'm sure you've been hungry for the knowledge. We have chosen a restaurant for everyone, where you will find specialties, but also traditional dishes with a unique taste. The view of Slavkovský štít, pleasant service, locality and seasonality of the menu will satisfy even the greatest gourmets. Recharge your batteries in the Central restaurant just 200 meters from the train station. Don't forget to recharge your mobile phones, you will need them. Why you'll find out right after lunch.

After a hearty meal, turn right after about 300 meters you will see the pension Tatrasport Žampa, opposite is a world of illusion and magic called "Tricklandia" , there we are exactly aimed. Enter the place where you will experience a unique journey through Slovakia in the gallery of trick-art and optical illusions. In its premises you will find themes of Slovak folk tales, fairy tales, as well as the realities of the villages and castles of Slovakia. Interestingly, 200 m2 of mirrors were used in the mirror kingdom. How many photos did you take? Was it worth charging your phone?

It is cloudy over the Tatras and the sun is slowly setting, relax. Tomorrow we will have a walk between the mountains, underground and in the treetops.


Good morning! I hope that you slept well and especially got up on time, because we really have a lot to do today. Pack a roll, a pate, a raspberry, or if you start from the hotel, ask for a dry package and write in the tourist book that you are going on a hike. Cottage on a green ball , view of Lomnický štít from the opposite side and a beautiful hike that will take you 8-9 hours. If you go by car, park in the Biela voda car park between Tatranské Matliary and Kežmarok Žľabs. There is also a stop, so it can be done by bus. This hike is moderately difficult, so check the weather, snow and avalanche information. In any case, in winter, as well as in early spring, we recommend buying shoe covers with spikes, some sections are icy. There is a cottage of the same name on Zelený ples . You can refresh yourself here, relax, or even stay if you would like to experience a real Tatra night between the peaks.

But if such a hike is nothing for you, let's explore further.


If you already have a hike behind you, or you did not dare to do so, it does not matter, as we promised, we will look at the Tatra underground, more precisely at the only accessible cave in the Tatras. A tour of the Belianská Cave will definitely excite you, so you can walk up a slight hill for about 15 minutes to get to it, but you will certainly not regret it. Do not forget to put on the heat, it is cold in the cave. You can also manage this kilometer walk underground with a guide in a little over an hour.

We will now move to Bachledova dolina, where the 32-meter-high "Treetop Walk" rises . Enjoy the beauty of the Belianske Tatras, enjoy the scenery of the Pieniny. The sidewalk is 600m long, various surprises and lessons await you on this road. The sidewalk can be easily reached by cable car from the Bachledka Ski Center.


You will definitely be hungry throughout the day, whether you have a hike to Zelená pleso, a visit to a cave, or unforgettable views from the treetops, it's time for a reward in the form of great food. Pension Strachan in Zdiar offers home cooking, which can surprise with traditional dishes like from an old mother.

We believe that you will spend beautiful moments in the High Tatras.

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Reported by: Maťo Šimončič
Updated on: 8.6.2020
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