Where to go for the Helloween weekend

Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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Hello, the scariest night of the year is approaching, so let's take a look at how to spend this HELLOWEEN weekend. Which events to visit with friends, family and where to take for example a boyfriend.

When I watched today what events are ready for HELLOWEEN, and I had to choose the best, it was very difficult. Every club, business or children's corner in the shopping center has some super SCARY HELLOWEEN event ready. That's why I reached out to certified clubs, performers and events that are guaranteed not to disappoint. But be sure to check out all the events to choose the right one, click on GoSlovakia events.

We will start our journey for fun and experiences on Thursday in the Heroes Laser Arena in Trnava. The people from Heroes are creative and I believe that their Thursday HEROES HALLOWEEN NIGHT will not disappoint.

Every city is going to Helloween Night and Piešťany will be no exception. The "Helloween Lika" with DJ Sonic is going to the EDEN hotel, I had the honor with him, and I know he won't ruin the party. So Piešťany will meet in Eden ...

If you don't want to wait with your mask until the evening and you're from Bratislava, then in Mrte-cyber Coffee on Obchodná 10 you can come to play from 17:00 on Halloween Warm Up , which will go to the Night Call Party at night.


Where will the best Helloween be? The name of the club even suggests it all year round. Masquerade Halloween - The best Halloween in town . It's a masquerade in the old center. There used to be epic jokes, so I believe you won't disappoint the Masquerade even on Halloween. Traditionally, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from evening to morning, you will be welcomed by a ball of monsters.

In Trnava, apart from the mythical legendary HORROR HOUS on Štefánikova 15, which if you haven't visited, run there, because this is world-class entertainment. But let's go to Halloween events. Thursday there is another MAD party , which will take place in the K-Club on Hlavná street. It is a multi-genre dance event, where everything you would expect from the past to the present will be heard.

Let's go back to Bratislava to the legendary The CLUB, on Thursday it will definitely be banged, they talk about "FREAKY THURSDAY" sometimes it's scary even outside Helloween ...

That's enough, if you did not find a click HERE and you will find hundreds of events from all over Slovakia


On Friday, when you fall asleep and you won't be scary from all those Hellowen events, go to Bojnice for an evening tour of the castle. On the 1st and 2nd of November, in the evening, you will be guided through the castle by the Bojnice light carrier.

From Bojnice, they head straight for Banská Bystrica on Friday, and a DJ couple will visit the Ministry of Fun, currently sitting in 31st place in the world rankings for 2019. In the spring they had a concert in Bratislava, but only one of them came. Both may appear in Banská, we know them as VINI & VICI.


Saturday from 16:00 to 20:00 Trenčín Castle and the event NEBO, PEKLO, KRAMPUS . Evening tour of the castle with a devilishly freezing atmosphere. You will be accompanied by angels, beings and devils from the KRAMPUS art group. Colds guaranteed ... "Whoever is afraid, don't go to the castle!"

However, in order not to forget what these days will be about, let us remember our loved ones, friends who have left us. Let's light a candle behind them and remember the moments with them. One never dies while living in the hearts of others. In the village of Šenkvice they mention as follows, Pietna commemoration.

So cheerful Helloween scarecrow :-)

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Reported by: Maťo Šimončič
Updated on: 3.12.2019
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