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Are you planning a vacation or don't know where to go on a weekend trip? Going in today's hectic times with family or friends is a pleasant diversion of time. Slovakia is a beautiful country and offers us many tourist attractions, sights and attractions for our trips. But we often don't know them, even though we literally have them under our noses. We have chosen Levoča for you, about which we will tell you something.
The best way to get to the town of Levoča is by car or bus. To get to Levoča by train? Yes, it is possible. Although passenger trains do not run regularly, but you get on a passenger train a few times a year. If you have gone here for a weekend, vacation and you do not have any accommodation yet, we have two tips for you where you can stay.

The first tip is the hotel near Lev. Hotel u Leva is a guarantee of quality, friendly and helpful staff and a charming environment. It has nice, spacious, cozy, comfortable and aesthetically furnished rooms that will provide comfort not only during business trips, but also for families with children and tourists on an expedition to the beauties of this city. Directly from the rooms you have a view of the square and several monuments. It is located in the city center with a 500-year history. Behind the hotel is a car park, which is affordable. However, the best thing about the whole hotel is the opportunity to have a good dinner or lunch in its restaurant. They also offer food for vegans and vegetarians. And even if you are not a hotel guest, you can go to the hotel, because the restaurant is open to other people.

Source: Hotel u Leva (30.11.2019)
Source: Izba v hoteli u Leva (30.11.2019)
The second tip is the Hotel Barbakan. Hotel Barbakan has the character of an old burgher house. Vintage decoration brings the feeling that you are from the origin of Slovakia. It has a great location, just a few meters from the city’s main square. The rooms are great and cozy with a wonderful view of the church on the hill. The staff is helpful, friendly and the food is delicious and reasonably priced.
Source: Hotel Barbakan (30.11.2019)
Source: Reštaurácia (30.11.2019)
And now we come to the most important thing. One day is not enough to tour the historic city. We start with the city center, which is nice and tidy. There is, for example, the Thurz House, the cage of shame, churches and much more. We have selected a few for you, which are definitely to be seen. We could start with the church of St. James.

Church of St. Jakuba is located in the center of the historic square. The largest Gothic church, a sacral monument from the 14th century with the main altar made by the carver Master Paul of Levoča. The altar is exceptional and so beautiful that you can't even believe that you are watching it live and so closely. The church is beautiful, historic, charming with many stories. Inside are beautiful stained glass windows, an organ that hung from the ceiling and a bench from the 14th century. If you want to see the church of St. Jakuba, there are allowed entrances with an explanation, which last about 30 minutes and are every hour. Admission is paid in the church. A visit to this temple is worth it.

Source: Chrám sv. Jakuba (30.11.2019)
Source: Oltár Majstra Pavla (30.11.2019)

Near the church of St. Jakuba is also the town hall. It is a beautiful town hall in the heart of the city, beautiful Renaissance architecture. It is a really beautiful building with arches on one side and a slightly different architecture on the other with a statue placed in front. The building was probably built around the middle of the 15th century and has undergone many building modifications to its current form. The historic town hall is one of the most visited exhibitions in Levoča. The historic premises of the town hall, notary, old executioner's tools and much more await you. Today, the town hall building on the first floor houses the expositions of the Spiš Museum and the meeting hall, which serves the city for representational purposes.

Source: Mestská radnica (30.11.2019)

Opposite the town hall you will see a cage of shame. This historic gem stands on the square in Levoča. The cage of shame is made of wrought iron and looks more like a large bird cage. A small metal heart is incorporated into the door. The cage of shame was used to publicly convict petty criminals and women who appeared on the streets of Levoča. They were imprisoned for ritual humiliation. To increase suffering, the cage was often used at fairs, markets and festivals where there was the largest crowd. They kept them inside for several days, depending on the crime. People threw stones, rotten fruit and rotten vegetables at them, and they were even allowed to spit on them.

Source: Klietka hanby (30.11.2019)
We can move to the house of Master Paul of Levoča. This house is located on the square near the church of St. James. It represents the life of a Master. It is a small but cozy museum. If you like late Gothic sculptures, you should definitely come here during a tour of the square. You will learn about all the famous wooden works that are found in Central Europe, about how the old masters work. The carvers' house offers not only a look into history, but also collection items. There is only one original of his works.
Source: Diela Majstra Pavla (30.11.2019)
Source: Dom Majstra Pavla (30.11.2019)

Next we can move to Thurz's house. Thurz House is undoubtedly the most beautiful burgher house in the historic center of Levoča. This palace was built in the 15th century and was owned by the Hungarian aristocratic Thurzos family. Together with the Fugger family, they became famous for establishing a world monopoly on the copper market. The exterior of the building is preserved and with interesting paintings on the main facade. Although this brown and brownish structure has been rebuilt, it has retained some strong Renaissance features, including a balcony. Today it is a museum.

Source: Thurzov dom (1.12.2019)
The next stop is at the end of Kláštorná Street and there you have the opportunity to see the Minorite Church. A beautiful and elegant baroque church stands right next to the Košice gate. From the outside, the church is elegant and inside is richly decorated in a typical Baroque style. It is an attractive and valuable temple. It dates from the first half of the 14th century. It is one of the largest churches in Slovakia, which is an example of excellent architectural art of the Gothic period. It stands out for its power. On its main altar is a Gothic statue of the Madonna from the 15th century and Baroque statues of Hungarian kings and Jesuit saints. There is also a painting from the first half of the 14th century, depicting the crucifixion, and above the portal to the sacristy is the death and Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
Source: Kostol Minoritov (1.12.2019)

We will also say something about the Košice Gate. Through this relatively narrow gate it is possible to enter the historic town of Levoča. It is said about the Košice Gate and the entire city fortifications that the spirit of Juliana Korponay-Géczy appears here, the second most famous figure in Levoča's history after Master Pavel. Centuries ago, Juliana, also called the "White Lady of Levoča", was unjustly accused of opening the gates to the conquerors during the siege of the city by the Kurucs. The accusation was followed by interrogation using the law of suffering and execution. No wonder her spirit still can't find peace. The gate is old, originally medieval, but well maintained. However, it is only a simple gateway, but it is worth looking and taking a few photos.

Source: Košická brána (1.12.2019)
Even when we looked at the historical part of the center, we must have been hungry. Here we can recommend the restaurant in addition to the restaurant at Lev, we have already learned about the restaurant Kupecká Bašta. It is located in the beautiful surroundings of the historic walls. Sitting with a beer on the terrace and excellent food will make our day even more pleasant. The restaurant offers more rooms, so there is no problem with privacy with more people. The food is delicious, well tasted and the service pleasant. So if you don't know where to go, visit the Kupecká Bašta restaurant.
Source: Reštaurácia Kupecká Bašta (1.12.2019)
Source: Reštaurácia Kupecká Bašta (1.12.2019)
If you like coffee, we can recommend Leutschau Café. Right in the center is this cafe and you can sit outside. And if you are really great coffee makers, they make great coffee and real ristretto. The café is quiet and you can enjoy pleasant music while drinking. They have an interesting selection of beers, wines, soft and alcoholic drinks. They offer very high quality coffee and have a dessert with your coffee, they have a varied selection of cheesecakes, because they also have a great time here. The service is polite and pleasant.
Source: Leutschau Café (1.12.2019)
Source: Leutschau Café (1.12.2019)
And finally, if you feel like going to see Mariánská hora. We recommend   people of every religion.   Distance to the basilica is 6.5 kilometers from the center of Levoca. It is a place to gain energy, relax and think. You can get there by car, bus but also on foot. The church itself has a magical atmosphere. It is a very quiet and reverent place. There is a church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition to the church, there is a Greek Catholic chapel on the hill, a recreation area with the Stations of the Cross, a pilgrimage and exercise house. Southwest of the basilica outer altar, northeast chapel of the Virgin Mary with a spring. In front of the western entrance to the basilica stands a statue of St. Ján Nepomucký. The whole area is well maintained and clean.
We firmly believe that after reading, you will be going to Levoča for a weekend or vacation, so that you can enjoy these beautiful sights live.
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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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