Where to weekend 7.-8. December 2019

Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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Hi, I slowly realized that Christmas is already here. WHERE TO WEEKEND we will look at where you can go this weekend, I promise that there will be no talk of any Christmas event today. There are now every step of the way. Of course, if you are looking for them on our website, they are full and in almost every city, just look at goslovakia.sk and the event section.

The year 2019 is extra specific for the Free Europe group, as it has been recording in it for 30 years of its existence. This round jubilee commemorates and celebrates the annual tour of 30 years of tour 2019 , which is divided into three parts - spring, summer and autumn-winter. In the last one they will visit 9 Slovak and 2 Czech cities. Already this Friday 05.12. will perform at the Bratislava Majestic Club. A day later you can see them in Novo Mesto nad Váhom in the Club behind the ramps.

On Friday, good fun awaits you in the Bystrice Ministry of Fun. Trance legend Paul Van Dyk will play in his string "Music Rescues Me" For 15 years, this 47-year-old German has been ranked among the top 100 DJs in the world. If you do not yet know his latest act, which he committed with a pair of Vini Vici, click.

How do you say that about Mikuláš? "He who was good will get sweets and he who has not listened to coal." And the devils should wear that coal. If you've ever gotten coal on St. Nicholas, can you come to terms with the devil in question, how do you find him? On Saturday 7.12. in Piešťany from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, everyone will be buried at Krampus - March of the Devils 2019. They meet in Piešťany every year, see the aftermovies from last year below.

Today we have old rockers, one German DJ, a lot of devils, but let's try to slow down a bit. I promised there would be no Christmas shows, I will keep that. Holidays of peace are often welcomed in stress and haste. We want to catch everything, equip it, buy it and we rob ourselves of the right atmosphere and mood.

Choir Lúčnica has been a part of the Lúčnica Art Ensemble since its inception in 1948. It presents its advanced singing technique, vocal culture and characteristic sound expression. His performances are highly regarded by professional critics and have met with great success among a wide audience.

In Trnava on Saturday at 20:00 in the church of St. Jakub will be performed by the well-known choir Lúčnica. Their rich repertoire sounding in a historic building will surely be a breathtaking experience.


We will stay in Trnava for Sunday. Have you had enough lokshi, trdelniks, punch and mead? How about tasting something from another country, not only the country but even the continent. African markets in the Courtyard will start on Sunday from 10:00. Come and choose a specialty on your Christmas table that not everyone will have.

You will taste the best fresh and dried fruits, fragrant spices, delicious nuts, coffee or cocoa. You won't miss the best that Ugandan farmers have grown, will you?


You didn't choose, it doesn't matter. There are hundreds of events from all over Slovakia on our portal goslovakia.sk. If you are planning a trip, see our tips for trips.

Remember that you can also install an app. You can find it in the iOS and Android store called GoSlovakia.

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Reported by: Maťo Šimončič
Updated on: 9.12.2019
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