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Maťo Šimončič

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How did you survive New Year's Eve last year? Boredom in front of the TV, sandwiches, champagne and after midnight you went to bed? This New Year's Eve may be about something else. We have prepared a selection of the best New Year's Eve events from all over Slovakia. Experience it and choose where you go with the game or half. PF 2020 in style.

We will start our big New Year's Eve filter in the metropolis of the East. Košice has prepared a spectacular show in Hotel Bankov. Hollywood and movie superheroes, the Grimmy Dance Company and the ever-living Michael Jackson. To do this, eat, drink and raffle until the morning.

The oldest Košice event is proud of the most entertaining New Year's Eve attribute, and that is New Year 's Eve Bužňa 2019 . Classic New Year's Eve party in oldies disco style in the historic premises of the House of Art. Until the morning, you will have fun with the biggest hits not only with Funky Monkeys DJS, but also with special guests - singer Nicole McCloud (USA), Los Masakeros (SK), Grimmy Dance Show and others. Food, toast and raffle are a matter of course ...

The Retro Cult club also has a New Year's Eve ready. They promise a great party and a rich raffle. It is said that DJ Carlos will prepare the best piece of music. So we keep our fingers crossed that the fun lasts at least until 5:00, or let the Košice Retro Cult club become the right place for a New Year's Eve party.

Lamp !!! This is how the people of Košice call the disco pub Lampáreň, and here they have also prepared a New Year's Eve disco party. Great food, champagne, aperitifs, disco and raffle await you! Call for tea and skewers, from your party and book tables so you don't stay in front of the vinegar business.


It would be necessary that Prešov also be appointed. So the number two in our list will be Prešov. The city has prepared a rich program in the square. As part of the Relaxing Christmas, the celebrations will culminate with New Year's entertainment where Helen's eyes, Chiki Liki Tu-a, Sarisans will play, and it will all end with fireworks. But if you don't want "bars to be winter" for you, a visit to the club will be a clear choice.

Encore The Club in Prešov promises the best music and entertainment from the Tatras to the Ukrainian border. A great night full of top hits from all year round as well as proven classics from DJ Roman will definitely get you in the right New Year's Eve mood, so don't hesitate and book your place in advance.


How about a little pampering and care for New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve stay in the High Tatras in the Grand Hotel Bellevue. The stay can be booked from 29.12.2019 to 02.01.2020. Relax in the pool, skiing super food and saying goodbye to the old year in grand style. Crystal New Year's Eve with Dara Rolins and Michael Szatmary is definitely a good choice.

If you are already going to the mountains and your coordinates will be around Chopok on New Year's Eve , don't miss the New Year's Eve downhill slide. The means of transport is at your discretion. There are no limits to imagination. After all, it slips best on an ordinary plastic bag :-), don't forget to throw it in the sorted waste after the descent ...

It will definitely be cold at the turn of the year. The idea of warmth, water and a beach party in a swimsuit, almost like in Miami. It's about Bešeňová. You can look forward to the best songs of the legendary group QUEEN, performed by the Slovak band QUEEN SHOW, or to entertainment by the oldies party in the entertainment tent. Take a look at the video invitation for New Year's Eve 2019 in Bešeňová , as well as PF 2020 as well as on the beach.

We are slowly getting to Banská Bystrica. What has the Largest Club in Slovakia prepared for us? No formal attire, just a big party. This is New Year 's Eve 2019 in the Ministry. DAVE & EMTY, MUSTEE, ANNDY are sorting behind the mix, expect to be beating until morning.

On the square there is also the famous Clubhouse, good food, beer and DJs will take care of New Year's Eve entertainment. From the company it's a jump to the square from where you can watch the New Year's fireworks.

Did you want to shake your hips on New Year's Eve? Bystrica has a cure, it's Latino music New Year's Eve in the LOCO club. A night full of hot latino music. Book a table now. DJ MUNA will serve you the best Latino Hits all night. A midnight toast and, of course, another snack await everyone.

If you haven't been to the Ministry yet, you have to fix it, the best time is definitely SIlvester 2019. In order for us to wind you up a bit, see the aftermovie from the NERVO performance .

What will Žilina offer us? At the beginning we have two oldies again. There is a choice of Villa Nečas , which offers a beautiful environment, promise a program and hits from the 60s to 90s. A similar event is being prepared at the River Club . DJ, raffle program, some food, wine, toast, you know it. The villa asks in time to adhere to the dress code of times past. So I don't know if a men's jacket and shapeless pants ??? DJ Roger and Feri will play. In Villa Feri and Roger by the river, but you probably won't make that decision. It seems that in Villa Nečas you also need a combination with accommodation, so the people of Žilina will probably choose the River club.

In the Space bar, according to the inscription on the poster, they go to celebrate that we managed to orbit the sun again. A raffle with a TV, a bottle of sparkling wine on the table and consuming € 20 sounds very good.


We will move under the castle, you probably already know that the next city for New Year's Eve will be Trenčín. Hotel Elizabeth offers the end of a cotton year . This perhaps the most luxurious hotel in Trenčín has prepared stay packages for 2-4 days, but the "Trenčians" do not have to despair. The hotel also offers the sale of separate tickets for New Year's Eve for 85 €. For your money you will get dinner, a raffle, cabbage, a rich program in the form of a band, a dulcimer and until the morning of the white will be played by a DJ.

They also celebrate La Libertad in the Cuban style bar. The river of champagne, a bowl of tropical fruit and a cauldron of cabbage promise a poster for the bar and Matúšová 10 in Trenčín. The hot rhythms of Latin are a matter of course.

Elements cocktail and coffee offers New Year's Eve entertainment in their premises and they also have an outdoor tent where the pre-Christmas massacre takes place on December 20, 2019. Trenčians love this business and the fun on New Year's Eve will definitely not disappoint.

The city of Trenčín has also prepared a New Year's welcome on the square, the Duchlin of the New Year's welcome will be the Duchons, and what else could they play like Karel Duchoň. There will also be fireworks :-)


We will move further south towards Bratislava. Little Rome, the city of Trnava, stands in our way. They also have their business in this city called Elements , just like in Trenčín. Trnavský Elements is a newly opened restaurant by the reconstructed walls. They cook well in this restaurant, and the New Year's Eve menu will definitely be a delicacy. They prepared live music performed by the group Trinity and the great violinist Barbora Botošová.

Just a few steps from the Elements restaurant is the northern tower of the Trnava walls. They opened a new café "Veža" in it a few months ago. from this monument is a beautiful view of the city and New Year's fireworks. For an entrance fee of € 50, you really get enough. Just look at their leaflet and you will get dizzy from all the sandwiches, bowls and steaks. A music guest and DJ is a matter of course.

The largest hotel in Trnava, a short distance from the main square, is prepared every year by a themed New Year's Eve. For this year, Holiday INN in Trnava has chosen Las Vegas, the atmosphere of a casino, live games, music and entertainment. The capacity of the premises, quality cuisine and good reviews from previous years are a guarantee of the right choice. It costs € 59 for good fun.


Before we look at our capital, we will make a stop in Nitra . If you like dance music and you love parties, Luna BAR is a clear choice in Nitra. DJ Mairee, as the Slovak regular of the club scene, will take care of a proper load of EDM, House and Techna. If you want a New Year's Eve warm-up, Mairee invites you to Christmas on December 24th. to the Bratislava club Masquerade.

Pension ARTinn has prepared ALL INCLUSIVE New Year's Eve. For the ticket price of 60, - € you have food, wine, beer and dance. DJs and gypsy folk music will play.


Welcome to Bratislava ! Right at the beginning, we will look at the New Year's Eve event in style. WATCH.TASTE.GROOVE., Is the motto of perhaps the most spectacular restaurant in the capital. A UFO rises on the New Bridge at an altitude of 85 meters. SIlvester in this restaurant is an unforgettable experience. 10-course tasting menu, program and fireworks from a viewing platform that is a UFO at the turn of the year.

Who wouldn't know Trafo . This nightlife legend is located in the building of Erdődy Palace in the absolute center of Bratislava. New Year's Eve is one of the best parties in this club.

There are many companies in the old town that will not disappoint you and your party on New Year's Eve, before midnight you can look forward to the annual spectacular fireworks fired from a ship on the Danube.

Happy New Year and all the best for the new year, wishes the GoSlovakia team .
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Reported by: Maťo Šimončič
Updated on: 16.12.2019
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