Let's get to know the largest wine-growing village under the Little Carpathians


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Wine lovers certainly do not need to introduce the village from under the Little Carpathians, which we will imagine in this article. Wine and grapevines are grown here on more than 300 hectares and the most cultivated variety is Veltlínské zelené. Yes, Those of you who have already visited a few pubs and a day without a glass of wine is not a full day for them, know that it is the village of Šenkvice.

As you have already noticed, the content of this article will be devoted to wine and partly for a change again wine :) Wines from the Little Carpathians are among the best we can boast in Slovakia. It is Šenkvice that contributes greatly with its liquid treasures and at the same time actively maintains the interest and development of viticulture and winemaking in this beautiful village. The Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers in Šenkvice currently unites up to 27 winemakers .

The wine and wine-growing village of Šenkvice belongs to the Malokarpatska wine-growing region, it is exactly the Modran district. At present, according to the number of inhabitants, it is the largest wine-growing village under the Little Carpathians. Viticulture and wine has a long tradition here, as evidenced by the fact that already in 1580, 83 vineyard owners achieved a harvest of more than 65,000 liters of wine.

In the past, Šenkvice was famous for its great trams, to which the heavy clay soils located in the vicinity gave it the desired earthiness and spiciness. Progress into viticulture not only in the village, but also within Slovakia brought the existence of the Research Station of Viticulture and Viticulture . In the village, traditional white varieties flourished - Veltlínské zelené, Rizling vlašský, from the earlier Iršai Oliver, and the already mentioned Tramín červený . From the research station, new Moravian and Slovak varieties such as André, Aurelius, Moravian Muscat, Pálava, Devín, Danube, Nitra , but also world varieties - Dornfelder, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigeltrebe or Merlot - gradually entered cultivation. Traditional varieties have also undergone a qualitative reconstruction, so in addition to veltlins or walnuts, qualitative varieties from the Burgundy and Riesling families also have their place here today.

After 1989, new ways of doing business opened up and so today Šenkvice is home to well-known wine companies such as Karpatská perla , Vinárstvo Ing. Marián Bočko and Kamil Kukumberg Winery . The wine of smaller winegrowers and winemakers is grouped by the Šenkvice Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers, which was founded in 2000 and takes care of wine and wine education. Therefore, even in this unfavorable period for winegrowers and wine, several modern vineyards were established in the village, which guarantee that you will find good wine in Šenkvice in a few decades.

As already mentioned, the most cultivated variety is Veltlínské zelené . In addition to the traditional assortment, lesser-known varieties, various new breeds and world varieties are also grown here. Among the white must varieties, it is, for example, Devín, Moravian Muscat, Aurelius, Aromín . From blue must varieties Nitra, Danube, André, Gamay, Merlot, Dornfelder, Domina . In the vineyards you can also meet attractive Slovak table varieties such as Dóra, Diamant, Opál, Rubánka, Amethyst, Onyx, Negra .

In the next part of the article, we will introduce a few resounding wineries and together we will design our own wine route through this charming village. At the same time, we hope that we will not offend the aforementioned winemakers, as every single winemaker has its important and unique place here and with its "piece" it contributes to the fact that Šenkvice is such an exceptional wine-growing village.

First we will visit the family winery KARPATSKÁ PERLA , which was founded by Margita and Ladislav Šebovci in 1991. Farms on about 60 hectares of vineyards in the Malokarpatska wine region. The largest is the 28-hectare vineyard Suchý vrch, located near the village of Svätý Martin and adjacent to the Martin Forest. The new nobles were planted by the Moravian Muscat, Pálava, Devín, Aurelius and André, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Alibernet and later the Rhine Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Vinohrady's hunting lodge Noviny is located between Modra and Šenkvice. The birthplace of Veltlínské zelené spreads here on an aluminous subsoil. On the south-eastern slopes of the Little Carpathians near the Calvary in Modran, there are vineyards in the hunts of Šajba, Kramár and Kalvária. New vineyards planted with Rhine Riesling are ripening here. Finally, in Vištuk, the Müller Thurgau variety thrives on the loess subsoil.

Source: LOGO - Karpatská Perla (12.12.2019)
Source: Vinárstvo Karpatská Perla (12.12.2019)

The winery offers and at the same time recommends trying guided tastings. In addition to wine tasting, you can explore the production facilities, climb the 21-meter lookout tower or enjoy seasonal gastronomic specialties. In addition to tastings, it is also suitable for family celebrations or team building. It is interesting that on the walls of the room called "Degustačka" hang graphics of Slovak artists, which winemaking used in the past on labels. There is also a dance hall and a wine cellar, where in addition to wine, you can also enjoy Lavazza coffee or taste handmade Alibernet pralines.

Another winery we will visit is called Repa Winery . With the motto "Because we enjoy wine", the owner works honestly with his wife in this family winery. The winery was founded and started professional wine production in 2009, and then later in 2014, the shop was renovated and opened, including a tasting room.

Source: LOGO - Repa Winery (12.12.2019)
Source: Repa Winery - Výroba (12.12.2019)

You can get to know wines directly in Repa Winery, either as a small group or as a larger group of visitors. Just make an appointment and find out how the wine is born and at the same time taste the best of their production.


We will now move to the Fitz & Petrík winery, which was founded in 2012 and produces wines from young, less traditional varieties or non-traditional wines from conventional varieties. This specific winery produces wines from new nobles, which have become a major part of their wine list. We can find new varieties such as Breslava, Nitria, Devín, Pálava supplemented by classics such as Iršai Oliver, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon. It is interesting that every year they replace a classic variety with something new.

Source: LOGO - Fitz&Petrík (12.12.2019)
Source: Fitz&Petrík vinárstvo (12.12.2019)

However, the Fitz & Petrík winery is very well known for experimentation, and one of their many experiments brought a unique cuveé - pink semi-dry FOAJÉ . The wine produced by a blend of three varietal wines immediately became their flagship. The basis is a native extremely aromatic variety of white grapes Ferdinand de Lesseps. This wine is always mixed in each year with one rosé and one white varietal wine so as to achieve a balanced harmony of aroma, acids, residual sugar and attractive pink color.

Source: FOAJÉ od Fitz&Petrík (12.12.2019)

In the immediate vicinity there is another winery - Kozara. Kozara Winery was founded in 2015 and the name is derived from a narrow valley in the eastern part of the Šenkvice district - Kozar. The winery is still young, but the owners come from wine families with more than 50 years of tradition of viticulture and winemaking.


Typical of this winery is the building, which is really interesting architecturally. Up to three architects took part in the final appearance. The land where the building stands was an old vineyard, which had to "fall for the homeland", but the added value in the form of new premises was higher. As a result, thick pieces of sandstone protrude from the plaster, creating a logo for their winery on the façade, which creates a truly timeless effect. You can enjoy the quality of wines not only at home, but also directly in the beautiful and pleasant tasting room. The wine brand has been building for a very long time and building it on a nice foundation is really important.

Source: LOGO - Vinárstvo Kozara (12.12.2019)
Source: Vinárstvo Kozara (12.12.2019)

This winery specializes in the production of wines from varieties of the Šenkvice region and Slovak new nobles with a typical varietal character. It currently manages more than two hectares of vineyards, which are located in Šenkvice in seven different locations. The farthest from the winery is two kilometers away, so you could say that they are located in the vicinity of the winery.

In the end, we must not forget the event, which takes place every year in this village. It is called " Za vínom do Šenkvíce " and always welcomes many visitors. Visitors can taste wines from the production of about 30 mainly local winemakers and wineries. The Behind the Wine event in Šenkvíce has traditionally had an original visual. The graphic patrons of each year are always a different member of the local Association of Winemakers and Winegrowers, so each face should gradually become the "face" of promotional posters and invitations.

On the day of the event, the Naučný vinohradnícky chodník is also open to the public in the vineyard behind the former Municipal Office. It consists of a sample of 30 most famous old and new vine varieties planted. This growing mini-museum is also connected to a new educational trail above the kilometer, which leads to the center of the village and connects 9 historical sights from the former primary school to the chapel in the Upper Cemetery. It also passes the square on which the newly installed statue of St. Urban, patron saint of winegrowers. These elements are a confirmation of the systematic approach of the municipality to the development of local tourism infrastructure, especially for Šenkvice typical wine tourism.

Source: Vinohradnícky náučný chodník (13.12.2019)

" The event Behind the Wine in Šenkvíce is a" business card "of the whole village, but especially of the hospitality and viticultural hospitality soul and tradition. Thanks to this event, wine was, is and will remain a phenomenon in Šenkvice, which still tastes, mobilizes and unites. ”- adds Ľuboš Petrík, manager of the Za vínom event to Šenkvíce.

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