Tips for Slovak Christmas handmade gifts

Dominika Šimončičová

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We have one or two Christmas here. You can find all the gifts under the Christmas tree now. Give your loved ones an original one. A handmade thing has a huge price. These are the gifts that are most valued. After all, crochet a bag, a blanket, make natural cosmetics, earrings, bouquets of natural soaps, it wants peace in their preparation, mental setting. In every product, a relationship materializes.

Christmas presents are a very complicated affair. Every year we think of the same question as to what gift to give. Then comes 23.12 and suddenly we find out we have nothing, ups.

What gifts do you like to give? The handmade and Slovak ones are made of love. We believe that in this article you will find a handmade gift that you give from the bottom of your heart. Here are some tips for handmade gifts that will please everyone.

Let's start with natural cosmetics Blue Dandelion . it is a natural cosmetics from the heart of Slovakia. For skin like a flower. Honest and handmade natural cosmetics. A fragrant gift for all skin types. It is made from pure, active ingredients. You can get these cosmetics for men, women, children. It offers many natural products, such as skin creams, body and skin oils, herbal treatments, balms, skin cleansing, oral hygiene, cosmetics for men, mothers and children. We have selected a few tips for you, with which you could make someone in your family happy and they would certainly enjoy these cosmetics.

For men, we could recommend Inspiral Harmančk face cream. The cream formula is for problematic skin with inflammation, rashes, scars, or eczema. The main component of the cream is snail secretion filtrate, which is effective in regenerating damaged tissues, healing inflammation and scars. Inspiral Harmanček, is excellent, absorbable and has good hydrating properties, an interesting scent and its use is problem-free even for sensitive skin.

The second product for men is After Shave Healing Oil. A special oil to regenerate and soothe irritated skin when shaving. Helps prevent rashes. It is for all types of male skin, including oily, problematic or sensitive.

Source: Olej po holení (15.12.2019)

Of course, Modrá Púpava also produces cosmetics for women. How about Intensive hair treatment Rosemary. It is suitable for all hair types and is mainly to support growth and is a prevention against hair loss. Its use stimulates growth and regenerates the skin, acts as a prevention against dandruff, hair loss, breakage and splitting.

Source: Vlasová kúra Rozmarína (15.12.2019)

Another product is the Violet Intensive Skin Treatment. A natural elixir for mature, sensitive skin. It works against inflammation, stains, heals small cracks in the skin.

Source: Pleťová kúra Fialka (15.12.2019)
Blue Dandelion natural cosmetics do not lag behind in caring for mothers and their children. For children, we have baby oil Neha with chamomile. It supports the functioning of the protective skin barrier, nourishes and soothes. Helps with rashes, eczema. It relaxes and facilitates falling asleep. This oil can be used by babies from 0 months.
Source: Detský olej Neha (15.12.2019)
We will stay with cosmetics and you have already heard about the product ZeoZoe? They are natural-based dental tablets. You can also donate this product under the Christmas tree. People who live a different lifestyle, eat organic food, live ecologically will certainly enjoy such natural dental cosmetics. ZeoZoe wants to change the way we live on our beautiful planet. Nature nm gives everything we need. Zeolite is an amazing proof. ZeoZoe dental tablets are created based on the manufacturers' own experience. They are free of chemicals. They are in the form of either tablets or powder.
Source: ZeoZoe tablety a prášok (15.12.2019)

And by the third we have it Brush Drefku. Do you want to be different from others? Own brush Drefka is a wooden toothbrush with an engraved inscription. You can have your name, nickname or a short thought engraved on the brush. You can also use the symbol ❤ for example: I love you ❤ Darling. The chip is simply a wooden toothbrush. It is made of biodegradable, sustainably grown bamboo brass and its bristles are made of nylon. That's why our brush is 100% recyclable and even up to 95% degradable. And what is it wrapped in? The packaging is also ecological, 100% degradable. The box and inner packaging are made from recycled materials and can be disposed of with organic waste. I think that's a great idea.

Source: Kefka Drefka (15.12.2019)
And now some of that homemade Handmade. Another product is Crochet. My favorite. If you like crocheted things, you will definitely get your money's worth here. Handmade crocheted toys, blankets, keychains, decorations and much more. You could make a mother who was born with a baby happy with a crocheted gift set, which contains a blanket measuring 70x80 cm, which is made of quality yarn, a rattle with a motif of your choice and a mouse, which you can also choose. Imagination knows no bounds. Everything is made by hand, with love and attention with the smallest detail. Keychains are also lovingly made, and you can design them yourself. Banners with a name as a decoration for a child's room, for example on the wall or above the crib.
Source: Facebook (15.12.2019)
Source: Facebook (15.12.2019)
Do you love folklore products? So we would have My Painted here for you . Gentlemen, if you want to please your partner with something unconventional, but at the same time a beautiful and Slovak piece, then we have painted products with a touch of folklore for you. For example, such a women's handbag, so we women never have enough of them. The handbags are made of leather or synthetic leather, they are painted in original leather colors, which are waterproof after drying. They are treated only by gently wiping with a damp cloth without chemical. And some of those beautiful shoes. I can already imagine how amazing your half will look then.
Source: Facebook (15.12.2019)

We would have something for our grandmother too. For example Karolka. It offers you original handmade products that are close to the heart. Nice and nice things will definitely make your home, cottage or office more pleasant. The Karolka e-shop is mainly dedicated to handmade textile creation, the products are decorative wreaths / wreaths for doors, bags, pouches, bags, various pockets, children's bicycle baskets, girls' staplers - staple hangers, pillows, cushions, tablecloths, tablecloths, tables , various children's textile toys (dolls, angels, horses, clowns, cats), something for babies (gnaws, rattles, changing mats), various seasonal decorative items (Easter, Christmas).

Each thing is original, the fabrics are constantly changing, so each product has more combinations.

For my grandmother, I could recommend either candles, shopping bags, tablecloths, angels, everyone would definitely enjoy such a product.

Source: Výrobky Karolka (15.12.2019)
How about something for the whole family? Are you looking for an original gift? Socks are always a good idea. SOXSTAR socks bring you color, cheerfulness, juiciness, imaginativeness. Maybe you will conjure a smile, make the atmosphere more pleasant and entertain someone with socks. Brighten up the day with cheerful colors, match your socks with a tie, shorts and bring color, playfulness and a good mood to the world. If you buy socks with a reindeer pattern, soxstar will give homeless people another pair of socks for free. When you buy, you will not only give a member of the family, mother, father, brother, sister, girlfriend or friend, as well as your grandmother and grandfather, but you will also make the homeless happy and good.
Source: Ponožky SoxStar (15.12.2019)
Source: Ponožky soxstar (15.12.2019)

A gift that will blow up the whole apartment? How about handmade products from Jully. Very beautiful and quality products. One cannot choose with so much beauty. A very clever and pleasant woman who makes beautiful decorations, such as soap wreaths, soap bouquets, diaper cakes and boxes for children and various other products. I myself ordered a soap bouquet from this lady and I will tell you that the gifted person was very pleased. I even got this beautiful product, also as a box full of soap flowers and it rang for several weeks. Soaps can then be used, but I personally have not used them yet, because such beauty cannot be broken down. You will please every single heart.

Source: Facebook (15.12.2019)
So what did you find here at least one tip for a Christmas present? They are all handmade products and especially Slovak. These manufacturers will make a product for you out of love and with their hands. There is nothing more beautiful than receiving such a gift. I make crocheted blankets, hats, crocheted headbands, paint paintings and make various things. Personally, I am happy to make someone happy with my work and my handmade things. The smile on the recipient's face is indescribable. I hope that you have found your Christmas handmade gift here and you will please not only the manufacturer, yourself, but especially the person who will find the gift under the Christmas tree. I wish you a beautiful Christmas with your family.
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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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