Tips for Christmas gifts a little differently

Saška Mišiková

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Dear friends, Christmas is just around the corner and there is a Christmas atmosphere in every place. Do you also think that the malls and food chains have turned Christmas into a gold mine, and since the end of October, Christmas decorations are in full swing and the charm of Christmas is disappearing a bit? Probably everyone at Christmas wishes one thing, and that is to be mainly with family and friends.

Well, whether we like it or not, Christmas is also about gifts. Not only but also. And if we don't want to succumb to manufacturers who focus on quantity rather than quality in their production, then there is another way. There are many clever Slovaks or Slovak companies in Slovakia, from whom you can buy a quality gift for your loved ones and with whom you can be sure that they cared about its production and put themselves into it. At the same time, you can support small and medium-sized businesses in Slovakia and maybe help more people than you plan when buying it. And that's what it's about, the magic of Christmas, hidden in the heart.

We will be the first to introduce you to people who work through the HendiKup e- shop. It is an e-shop supporting skilled, disabled people. Why HendiKup? People with disabilities do not represent their "handicap", but what they really are and what they can do. HendiKup was created thanks to three great people who were thinking about how to support clever small producers with disabilities who, for various reasons, cannot or do not know how to sell their products. They have found that many create beautiful and valuable works, but many of them produce them just like that and only know them among their friends and acquaintances. They decided to change that. See for yourself at www.hendiKup.sk , where there are many products from jewelry, crocheted toys, books, paintings to interior accessories. All these things are just the right gift that is valuable. For a sample, take a look at a few products made by a handy group of Slovaks.

Source: HendiKup (16.12.2019)

OurYour, what is it? Naševaše.sk is a Slovak online store that groups and promotes local manufacturers with a fresh design, idea and product. They also offer the sale of products to those who do not have their own e-shop and only sell through the markets. In their offer you will find clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, imaginative interior accessories, educational games and toys, and a wide range of quality natural cosmetics. You can quickly buy Christmas presents to your loved ones safely, directly from the comfort of your home, and in addition you will support Slovak creations . The vision of ourev.sk is to create the best online store with a Slovak theme.

Source: NašeVaše (16.12.2019)

Another gift tip will be very practical. It's a toothbrush. Well, not ordinary! They are ecological brushes from Slovakia. Ecoheart was originally intended to be a non-profit organization that will raise money to help those who are trying to beautify their surroundings, or those who want to help the socially weaker. Only later did the production of toothbrushes become their flagship. The production of ecological brushes from bamboo wood is a more demanding matter than it might seem. Since the new brush making machines are set up for plastic production, they had to revive the classic machines from 1969. That is why Ecoheart's ambition is to revive the industrial brush production in Slovakia by opening a transparent brush shop that will be accessible to anyone who wants to look at production and piece living history. They would like to transform the Kefkáreň into a sheltered workshop, which would provide an opportunity to employ disabled people as well . Take a look at their page, you will also find videos of how they were created and what their vision is. It is very educational and beneficial. By purchasing this gift for Christmas, your loved ones will not only please them, but will also help the environment.

Source: Ecohart (16.12.2019)

This type of gift will surely please husbands, sons, guys and lovers who do not know what to buy for their wife under the tree. Introducing Dulcia Natural.
"Our work affects our whole lives and we firmly believe that you will feel it" , these are the words from the producers of Dulcia Natural. In their products you will find the most important thing, namely life, love and faith in the power of nature.
Their story began a long time ago, even sooner than we remember. The family tradition of herbalism and ointment has been passed down from generation to generation for several generations. It is unbelievable that everyone in their Dulcia Natural team has the roots of herbalism. Many preserved writings of healing significantly help them to create original recipes. In production, they use raw materials that are historically verified, but also newly discovered natural active substances with demonstrable results. Our lives are changing fast, but they are always returning to nature.
I don't think there's anything to think about, Dulcia Natural also offers you Christmas sets, special packages that will please every gentler half, maybe even the more masculine one.

Source: Dulcia Natural (16.12.2019)

"Something from someone . " Nice name isn't it? They have something in something. It's a small business but with a big soul. There is a real person behind every thing you find with them - whether it is a trained artist, a student or a person with a disability. After all, handmade is handmade and hands must always belong to someone. And they sell these handmade products. From earrings, through bags or wooden bow ties to aprons. Well, just "something from someone." They offer only handmade products and thus give space to manufacturers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They also try to supply things from sheltered workshops and civic associations and help them create another place to sell their products. They offer a really extensive selection that you can use as a Christmas present. See the website www.cosihandmade.sk and see for yourself.

Source: Čosi (16.12.2019)

We will dedicate the last lines of this article to someone else, not to our loved ones, to someone completely foreign. After all, Christmas time is also about selflessness.
ADOPT THE BED, SAVE LIFE. Homeless people are like us. Many have lost their jobs, loved ones or suffered from a serious illness. Depaul Slovakia is a non-profit organization that tries to help everyone who remained on the street. Because the street is not and cannot be a home for anyone. Winter is the most difficult test for homeless people, many will not survive this test. You can also help by adopting a bed in Depaul dormitories so that everyone can be helped.

The GoSlovakia team wishes you beautiful and blessed holidays.
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Reported by: Saška Mišiková
Updated on: 8.6.2020
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