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Coffee is a beverage prepared from ground roasted coffee tree seeds. Coffee is also a powder that is used to make this beverage and is obtained by grinding roasted coffee seeds. If you do not yet know the Slovak Craft Coffee Roaster Zlaté Zrnko, you will find out about Zlaté Zrnko right here.

Attractions from the world of coffee.

Water makes up 98-99 percent of a coffee drink and directly affects the taste. The water should not be too hard and also not too soft, because then it is demineralized. The coffee can then taste hot or sour. Coffee tasters taste coffee first without sugar and then with sugar. Even a person who likes to sweeten should taste coffee without sugar first, because sugar will stick channels on the tongue that perceive bitterness, so it is possible to discover other flavors in coffee.

Coffee comes from Ethiopia and came to Europe in the 17th century. The first café was opened in Venice in 1645. Coffee has stimulating effects on the human body.

Who is Vaclav Faltus?

He founded the hosting service nic.sk, connected the internet in the village, sold asphalt, or owned an e-shop for children. However, the path of destiny led him to roast coffee and create his own brand "Golden Grain". His small roastery from Ivanka by the Danube is inconspicuously, but persistently making its way on the Czech, German, Italian or English markets.

Golden Bean means the best of the coffee world. They buy the most expensive and best coffees from each country. The coffee blends are blended from 6 to 9 coffees to achieve the same taste at any time of year. In Pražiarna, they roast coffee originating from a farmer. Zlaté Zrnko was given the desire to make coffee of the highest quality available to the people and thus to establish a coffee roaster in Ivanka pri Dunaji, where they roast originating coffee and coffee blends. These coffees have different exceptional tastes every year. Since 2015, they have been discovering coffee treasures from all over the world.

Source: Zlaté Zrnko (5.2.2020)

It is interesting that you can find the store directly in Ivanka pri Dunaji and that you can also taste a cup of coffee for free to know what you are buying. You will receive a cup of espresso for tasting, and you can also listen to an interesting explanation focused on coffee or find out about the differences in coffee beans and how to prepare your coffee properly. The store is open every day and its owners also do tours and tastings.

Coffee is divided into two categories. These are coffees originating from countries that are most interesting to us and coffee blends where there are various coffees of origin. They sell the most Brazil, Cuba and Ethiopia . When you look at the names of coffees, you will definitely smile. They are inspired by Shakespeare's characters and you will find Roma, Emilia and Olivia among them .

Source: Rómeo a Júlia (5.2.2020)

The Golden Grain also succeeded in Italy. In the International Taste Awards competition and won 1 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze medals

They won the bronze medal for a mixture of Olivia, Oliver, Rómeo, Smrákák and coffee originating in Costa Rica, Guatemala and India.

The silver medal was won by a mixture of Ottelo and coffee originating in BRAZIL, COLOMBIA, INDONESIA and CUBA.

The gold medal was won by a compound called Maria.

Source: Facebook (9.2.2020)

The result of roasting is fantastically fragrant and fresh coffee. Approximately 20 types of coffee roast in the Golden Grain. Since everyone tastes different, you will find here from the lightest coffees to more pronounced and darker coffees.
As Václav Faltus added, the best - selling coffee is Emília, which has a caramel - nutty taste.

How did the name Zlaté Zrnko come about?

In general, every producer, at least the Italian large producers and roasters, call their best coffee "golden". They try to make each of their blends the best, so that every coffee with the origin is the best from the country. Therefore, they considered the name Golden Grain or Golden Coffee. Personally, Václav did not like this name at all because of the diminutive, because he is not used to diminutives even at home, even with children, but they had graphic designs for the packaging developed.

So they approached Michal Slovák, who has extensive experience in this direction, has already had several successful implementations of product design, and finally the design - again, he did not like it, but he liked everyone else, respectively. he liked the people to whom they showed it, and eventually published it as an intention. It is important that people like it, it is important that people like it.

Source: Facebook (14.2.2020)
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Updated on: 8.6.2020
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