Herbal teas from the Tatras? Well, of course, BioTatry

Dominika Šimončičová

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Below Kriváň at an ideal altitude, the eastern farm has its fields of herbs. Because only the ideal climate and weather conditions will allow the herbs that they bring to their customers to grow.

Biotatra teas are produced by Farma Východná.

Farm Východná is the highest ecological farm in Liptov (930 m above sea level).

They focus mainly on organic cattle and sheep for milk production. Thanks to the exceptional milk quality of the High Tatras mountain area, they offer exclusive delicacies and delicious natural cheeses under the Farma Východná brand, which have won leading awards at Slovak and Czech competitions. In addition to the production of milk and dairy products, they grow medicinal herbs and small fruits, as well as offer farm tours. Pastures full of medicinal herbs and mountain air with the scent of needles and mushrooms are a guarantee for the emergence of unique farm delicacies.

The farm was founded on March 13 , 1958 , as part of a co-operative in the village of Východná as a United Agricultural Cooperative, and operated under socialism thanks to considerable subsidies from the state. Various crops were produced here (potatoes, cereals, fodder beet, flax, bulk fodder), there was also a bread bakery and a potato factory.

In 2008, the cooperative was discovered by a foreign investor. The owner became a British family, which brought much-needed investments to the Farm. All management at the Farm remained Slovak.

Thanks to new investments, it was possible to transform the cooperative into a viable BIO Farm, which received a BIO certificate in 2010. Since the cultivation of diverse crops and the production of various products is very demanding, they decided to focus their activities on 4 main projects.

Growing of feed for sheep and cows, breeding of animals for the purpose of milk production - ie plant and animal production.
Processing of part of the milk into cheese and cheese under the own brand Farma Východná.
Growing BIO herbs and BIO small fruits, which began in 2012.
Until 2016, they only sold raw herbs, but from 2017 they started producing their own loose teas and producing small fruits.

Source: GoSlovakia
Source: Facebook (9.2.2020)
Source: Facebook (9.2.2020)

How and where do they grow herbs?

North of the village of Východná, directly below the High Tatras, in the nature of the Tatra National Park, a number of medicinal plants have been growing for thousands of years. Their power and effects were already known to our ancestors. They collected them, dried them, they knew how to cure various ailments in the form of injuries, diseases. The high altitude with the alpine climate of the southern slopes of the High Tatras, where the soil is suitable, clean air and plenty of rainfall, creates favorable conditions for the growth of herbs and small fruits. It is here, in an ecological way that they grow pure organic products of the highest quality.

Source: Facebook (9.2.2020)

How to handle herbs?

Our grandmothers have already said that herbs are a cure. And that is exactly how they need to be approached.

Especially careful. Before brewing any herbal tea, it is advisable to find out all the information about it. We must be especially careful when taking medication. Many people include herbal teas in their drinking habits. Herbal tea is recommended to be taken for a maximum of 3-6 weeks, after which there should be a break. Spring is approaching, which brings with it detoxification of the body, often associated with weight loss. Chamomile is one of the most popular and most widely used herbal teas, mainly because it works like a panacea and, above all, it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Each herbal tea is a well-thought-out composition of herbs that combines the effect with good taste.

Instructions on how to make tea well.

Herbs have their power and, when used properly, can have a beneficial effect on the human body. Medicinal plant teas should therefore be rotated and used sparingly and prudently. Tea is most often prepared as a mash, sometimes as a decoction.

Steam: pour herbs (usually flowers, leaves, thin stems, flakes) with boiled hot, not boiling water, cover with a lid so that the volatile active substances do not escape with the steam and let it infuse for a while.
Decoction: herbs (mostly fruits, seeds, roots, bark, harder stems) are boiled for a short time, then set aside and left to infuse for a while.

After infusing, drain the tea and drink it warm, preferably always freshly prepared.


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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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