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Syrups are made with love and gentleness according to traditional recipes. Syrups are suitable for the preparation of homemade lemonades and for tasting hot and cold drinks or cocktails. Try honest HERBERT syrups.

What is Herbert?

It is a company that was founded out of love for the traditional craft. It is inspired by the diversity of the bar and culinary scene. Their know-how and processing method are based on the old practices of our ancestors and our own experience. They are constantly experimenting, gaining new knowledge. It all started in 2010 in one small pot. Today, behind Herbert, there is a community of people who combine first-class ingredients for you in the factory that you may not expect, but believe you will fall in love with.

Herbert Syrups are produced as a pure, natural product without the addition of artificial essences, sweeteners or sweeteners.

How do they do it?

The essence of Herbert syrups is maceration, ie cold leaching. In this way, they can maintain their maximum nutritional value and authentic taste. Depending on the type of syrup, maceration takes from several days to several weeks. Each flavor is unique. Herbert syrups alchemy consists in a unique production process, in precise timing and further processing, but also in the processes necessary to achieve a balanced taste.

Every morning a shipment of fresh fruit and herbs arrives, which they process that day. They care about the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use. They mainly use local resources from reliable producers for the preparation. However, because they like to experiment, they decided to combine tradition with exoticism, which they gradually bring to creation. Their goal is to attract the attention of your taste buds and create products that are created exclusively on a natural basis, from first-class ingredients.

Who is behind Herbert syrups?

Although the history of cooking syrups dates back to the childhood of the founder Herbert Sirupov - Mária, this idea gained real contours in 2010 in London, where Mário worked as a professional bartender and mixologist. After unsuccessful attempts to find a sufficiently high-quality and imaginative syrup on the market, he decided to make his own. Exactly one that will meet his criteria.

After returning to Slovakia, he did not give up mixing and producing his own flavors, quite the opposite. The first real syrup today was the traditional flavor of Ginger & Hibiscus. The combination of the acidity and freshness of hibiscus with the spiciness of ginger has found its fans from the very beginning. This was followed by proven combinations that Mário was preparing in one of the London bars where he worked - for example Cucumber & Lime or Lavender & Blueberry.

When the kitchen and production at home "on their knees" became insufficient, they moved to their own space in 2015. The production in Trnava was a big step towards the development of the company and it started an episode that showed that what they do really makes sense. Today, they supply syrups to a number of facilities in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark and others. In addition to traditional year-round flavors, they bring limited seasonal combinations several times a year, currently for a given season.

But Herbert isn't just about syrups. You can find them at festivals, markets, weddings, events or at your party. They are everywhere people like!

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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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