BROWN & CO produces exclusive syrups under the Tatras

Dominika Šimončičová

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The young company from the Tatras, backed by Juraj Iždinský, has found many supporters in a short time. It has paid off to make the best syrups from selected ingredients. Now he also produces for Grandhotel Kempinsky at Štrbské pleso. Well, tell yourself! Which would you rather taste? Chilli & Chocolate or Salty Caramel.

Who is the founder of BROWN & Co.?

The founder is Juraj Iždinský. A kind-hearted young businessman who has passion and a love of gastronomy. Ever since elementary school, he has always liked something new and different. He never sat there just like that. Lots of ideas and thoughts swirled in his head, and he always came up with something. He got his creativity in the "wreath" about his birth. At the age of 15 he went to study at a hotel school. At that time he wanted to cook a lot and it was his impulse why he decided for such a school. He changed various jobs from high school, but always more or less associated with gastronomy.

Source: Facebook (20.2.2020)

How did the BROWN & CO. Brand come about?

It is said that not every brand has to have a big story right away. His brand builds its story on its own with its work and satisfied customers. The name of the brand came to him while watching Tarantino's film.

What is the offer of BROWN & CO. ?

The portfolio consists of 5 products. Two of them are on offer all year round. These are lemonade syrups that are based on tea and herbs. They are primarily intended for the production of lemonades, but there are no limits to the imagination. They can be used for cold, heat, they can also be combined with alcohol, whatever tastes.

The remaining three are seasonal for Fall and Winter. these are intended for coffee. The first is a "chai spiced latte", the second is a combination of turmeric and vanilla, and the third is currently popular and pumpkin. All three of these syrups are built to a "cool" taste. A new offer is being prepared for the summer, which will be specially included in our e-shop.

Source: Facebook (20.2.2020)

Why syrups?

He was always close to the bar. Drinks, cocktails, good alcohol, the world has always fascinated him, and it was there that the original idea came to him, when they were looking for the right syrup for "water" for the customer, something that will be of a high and quality and taste level. And today, after almost two years, he is trying to turn it into reality.

What did he do before he decided to create his own brand of syrups?

He ran a vegan restaurant and bar in the center of Poprad. Each separately. Both companies lived their own lives and it brought him a 7-day working week. From morning until morning, which was quite exhausting for him and that was one of the reasons why he decided to pursue a different business. He relies on him and on the product he has created and believes in.

Source: Facebook (20.2.2020)

Raw materials are an important and quality basis for success, how can it control them?

He works with his hands and nothing goes into the syrups that he would not taste himself. The basic raw materials include mainly dried herbs, sugar, spices. It uses refined white, but it can also offer the client cane sugar, which they produce to order. No sugar is healthy, whether it is white or cane. Their syrups do not look like healthy products, but they make them so that they should be tasty and if you have them they should be a pleasure for you.

Syrups are not packed and will not be packed in plastic. All packaging is glass. However, for hygienic reasons, they are disposable. Bottle labels print on recycled paper.

Source: Facebook (20.2.2020)

BROWN & CO SYRUPS BASICS - Bar syrups made of real sugar and without artificial additives.

We present a new collection of basic single-type bar & cafe syrups made of real sugar and natural ingredients. They made syrups for those who no longer enjoy drinking something in their lemonades, coffees, and drinks that went around oil rather than sugar. You can choose from flavors such as vanilla, caramel, coconut, mango, earl gray and more. They have also worked on recipes, they last up to one year, and when stored correctly, they do not even need to be cooled. In addition, one bottle of basic syrup can taste up to 50 drinks.

And best of all, they are made in Slovakia and you will find them soon in our packages in GOSHOP, which we are working hard on.

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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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