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We provide full technical support. Your municipality or city is verified after registration, this process usually takes 45 minutes and then you can enter data.

Possible solutions to problems:

1. I can't log in after registration.

Answer 1: After registration, you must always confirm the link that was delivered to the email listed in the registration. (If you did not receive the email, please check your spam)

Answer 2: The data is being approved and assigned to the profile of your municipality. Please try logging in again later (approximately 30 minutes).

2. I can log in, but after clicking on the initials I have the message We approve registration.

Answer 1: Your municipality has not yet created a city / municipality profile in the system. Our staff will create it for you free of charge from the data available on your website. This procedure can take several minutes to hours (typically up to 30 minutes). Please try logging in again later.

3. I entered the wrong data in the form or I want to update it.

A1: If you have made a mistake or entered the data, please reopen the form via email or log in via the website to update the data.

4. The system showed me an error message when entering data: server error, authentication error, etc.

A1: The website and database have been maintained. Everything will work again in a moment.

In case of another problem you want to ask, please contact us by email: antikorona@goslovakia.sk or by phone at: +421 904 444 477.

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Updated on: 21.3.2020
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