How to have fun when we are in quarantine

Dominika Šimončičová

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Quarantine is a time when you stay at home with your loved ones for at least 14 days. How to survive it at home so that you don't get bored and manage it? Here are some tips on how to survive in quarantine and be mentally and physically fit.

Learn something new

It is never too late to learn something new. And the current situation adds to this. Movies or apps can't stand our little ones watching forever. Creativity needs to be cultivated from an early age. Use, for example, wooden beads, paints, paper, modeling materials. Skillful hands will practice in the production of decorations, gifts for grandparents. Teach them to sew, they can make their own toy or clothes.


Games are one of the most important human activities, but sometimes we forget about them. These days, however, we should remember that. Dust off older games such as don't be angry. A game in which young and old alike always have fun. You will experience a lot of laughter and the nerves will work at the same time, but that's what the game is about: "man, don't be angry". Play cards. There are a lot of card games to choose from. What about Pharaoh, Joker, Uno? , Čierny Peter and finally a memory game? Try the knowledge and language games. We could recommend the popular Activities now. Fun in the circle of family or friends.Another memorable game is Horse Racing and Betting, a game that can be played for hours at a time and you won't even realize how much time has passed. Do it no matter how old your children are at home or in The feeling of victory is very important at the moment.

Watch movies and series

Now is the right time to watch a quality movie or series. Spring premieres are coming, so get ready. You can also watch a series that you knew was good, but you didn't have time for it. If you have paid for Netflix , for example, there are many good, high-quality series. I can only recommend. I personally liked the series Locke and Key, be sure to check it out, you will have fun. My family and I saw him in one day :-). I could recommend another for a little more demanding and for those who like something more horror, such as Haunting of hill House. Also a very well done series. There are many similar series and movies to choose from. Some also have HBO. There you will also find a lot of quality films and new ones that have just been released. If you don't have any of these programs, then on Bombuj.tv you will also find movies that are currently on Netflix or HBO, if the offer of standard TV programs does not appeal to you. Now is the perfect time to sit endlessly in front of the television.

Read the book
The month of March is also known as the month of the book. Many people are determined to read at least one book during March. Surely you have a book that you have wanted to read for a long time. If you haven't had the time or taste, now is the time to finally read this book. As you read, you will come up with other thoughts. For example, we would recommend some esoterics to encourage you, or a detective story or something from Steven King, or some criminals, especially from Jo Nesbo, fantasy or sci-fi. For bolder books on pandemics, because I think now that people would like to know more and more about it. There is a lot to choose from and I'm sure everyone will find their book.

Cleaning as fun

Yes, cleaning is a daily activity and an inconvenience for some. But now we can use it as an opportunity to relax. You can also involve the whole family, and it doesn't occur to you to think that we are in a quarantine during this activity. Involving children of all ages in housework is a good solution. Divide the work according to their abilities. They will learn responsibility and order. While you cook, your children can clean their toys, wipe dust, or take out the trash. It is important to motivate children at work. Create a bulletin board together to divide the individual activities. If the children complete these tasks, they will be able to attach a decoration or a sticker to the notice board. Thanks to a simple trick, cleaning will be fun even for the little ones.

Enjoy dusting with music. Create a concert atmosphere of your favorite artist while cleaning. Before cleaning, prepare a playlist with your favorite songs and start cleaning. Each member of the family chooses their favorite songs. So shush shush.

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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 25.3.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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