Surgical drapes, respirators or cloth drapes?

Saška Mišiková

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The fact that wearing a veil is not a shame has already been understood by most Slovaks. Its importance lies not only in the fact that we protect ourselves in the first place, but also in the fact that the veil also protects the surroundings. For example, if you have a coronavirus and you don't know it at all, because even that can happen to overcome it completely without symptoms, without infecting your surroundings at work or shopping, and that would be a problem.

Unfortunately, the current situation in Slovakia is such that the drapes are not. They are not in a pharmacy or drugstore, nor do they have nurses in hospitals. We will briefly introduce you to the difference between the individual means by which we can protect our noses and mouths.
What is the difference between a veil and a respirator?
In the offer of shops, you can notice different types of protective masks. The most common are surgical drapes and respirators. A simple surgical drape serves primarily as a basic barrier. It stands in the way of infections that are transmitted from the patient's body by air through small droplets during coughing, sneezing and even during ordinary breathing.

Source: www.zdravotnetesty.sk (19.3.2020)

Respirators generally have to meet the more demanding requirements of health agencies. They are designed to guarantee a secure seal between the face and the respirator. Thanks to them, a person should be exposed to a significantly lower amount of potentially harmful particles and pathogens that are dispersed in the air. The respirator is therefore worthwhile if you are going to a place where many people are staying, or if you know that you will be in close proximity to potentially infectious people.

Source: www.eshop.goweld.sk (19.3.2020)

If we compare the ability of masks and respirators to prevent the spread of the disease from infected patients, both are comparatively effective. All types of drapes and respirators offer, in addition to the protection of vulnerable mucous membranes, a second important benefit. They prevent you from touching your face unnecessarily.
People touch their faces about 23 times an hour. The mask reduces the risk of transmitting the virus from a contaminated surface, such as handles, directly to the mouth and nose.

Fabric home made drape
As we mentioned at the beginning, if you buy a drape or respirator at the pharmacy, you were really lucky and you can clap. Therefore, most Slovaks sew a veil at home alone. Experts are careful when using cloth drapes, their opinions differ. The WHO acknowledges that any (even cloth) masks protect individuals from infection during a pandemic and disease outbreak more than none. Fabric masks were successfully used by surgeons during operations before disposable masks were available. Today, most people use their cloth masks repeatedly in all severely affected areas. It is not difficult to make it at home and if you do not have one, it is the best choice. The advantage of the cloth drape is that it can be used multiple times and is not disposable. If you decide to use the cloth draf repeatedly, be sure to disinfect it thoroughly after each wear. It is ideal to boil, iron or wash in a disinfectant. The SME daily (Miroslav Mezei) created a clever summary of the efficiency of the use of domestic means in the production of cloth drapes and compared the resistance of substances in the permeability of virus particles.

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Source: www.sme.sk (19.3.2020)
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Reported by: Saška Mišiková
Updated on: 25.3.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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