How to make a disinfectant gel for hands at home?

Saška Mišiková

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The shelves in the store yawn empty and there are no traces of disinfectant gels. What do you do if you can't get a hand sanitizer to help you in situations where you can't wash your hands? Make it yourself at home!

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from the new coronavirus is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. A good way to achieve the same effect is to carry hand sanitizer in your bag or car.
The Center for Epidemiology (CDC) recommends using a hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol content of 60% , as this percentage of alcohol kills certain types of viruses, such as the flu or the new coronavirus. It is recommended to use hand disinfectant with a minimum alcohol content of 60%, as this percentage of alcohol kills several types of viruses. If you have not been able to find a disinfectant gel in the store during the current coronavirus epidemic, and its prices in e-shops currently seem exaggerated, make an effective disinfectant gel for your hands at home.

What will we need?

- 2/3 cup of solution with at least 60% alcohol content (this can be, for example, Alpa, vodka or pure alcohol)

- 1/3 cup 100% aloe vera gel

- 5-10 drops of tea tree oil (or other essential oil)

- 1/3 cup 100% aloe vera gel

- mixing bowl

- funnel

- an empty dispenser or spray bottle

The preparation of the disinfectant gel is quite simple

- in the prepared bowl, mix the alcohol and aloe vera in the indicated amounts until the two ingredients are perfectly combined

- depending on the density that suits you, you can choose the following procedure: if you want a consistency thicker, add aloe vera gel, if you want a consistency less thick, add alcohol

- then add the fragrance with essential oil. For a medium-strong scent, about 8 drops of essential oil should suffice; for a stronger scent, you can add 10-13 drops. Add the essential oil drop by drop while stirring constantly and don't forget to perfume your disinfection regularly. Tips on the scent of essential oils that you can use are, for example, cinnamon, cloves, mint.

- using a small funnel, simply fill it into an empty prepared bottle. It is practical if it has a dispenser, but you can also pour it from the bottle into the palm of your hand.

It doesn't matter if you buy an antibacterial gel or make it at home. The use is the same. Just apply one or two pumps on the palms and spread over the entire surface of the hands. The gel should dry in about 30 seconds. Then do not wash your hands again. We also enclose a video for you, as we know that sometimes it is enough to see once how to read several times.

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Reported by: Saška Mišiková
Updated on: 25.3.2020
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