10 online stores where you can buy groceries with the import to your home

Saška Mišiková

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Online shopping was still largely unknown to most Slovaks. Most of us want to eat food, smell ..... But since the coronavirus infection is raging outside and supermarkets, where we all stand in line and breathe slowly on our noses, are unfortunately more than possible at the moment. That is why we have decided to introduce you to a few shops where you can buy food online at rest and from the safety of your home, so we can also buy food online for our seniors and bring food to their door.

1. iTesco

The most prominent representative of online food retailers is TESCO and its online version. Groceries come at the same prices as normally available in available stores. It is paid for import. The store needs registration and it is basically possible to order anywhere in Slovakia. They have a wide range of food on offer, which is an advantage. It is possible to make one purchase with everything you need. Read more on the website www.potravinydomov.itesco.sk , where you can also order, do not forget to read the principles that online stores had to implement in order to continue to bring food to your home.

Source: tesco (25.3.2020)

2. DOPO food over the internet

The goods will be delivered to you anywhere in Slovakia, you choose the delivery date and time as it suits you. They are open 24/7, so you can shop anytime, anywhere. For each order on Dopo they add credits - Dopakers. You can then use the supplements as a discount for subsequent purchases at your own discretion. The more Extras you collect, the more discount you can get on your next purchase. They have more than 5,000 products of various brands, the courier will deliver the goods to your door . So you don't have to bother carrying heavy bags. It is possible to pay for the order in cash upon delivery, by payment card online, by transfer to our account or via the PayPal service. More. at www.dopo.sk.

3. Farmers

At Gazdovia.sk, they try to bring customers the best that is produced and grown in Slovakia. After receiving and processing the order, thanks to the couriers, they will deliver the goods from the farm directly to your home. They cover delivery throughout Slovakia. They are mainly concerned with the delivery of products from the countryside and other small towns to large cities, where we rarely come across domestic quality food. It cannot happen to them that the goods you ordered were in stock for them for a week or even longer. Their goods go from the farm directly to your home. More at www.gazdovia.sk .

4. Fitmarket

Fitmarket offers a wide range of quality products, fruits and vegetables. Within Bratislava, they will deliver the goods within 48 hours, while outside Bratislava within 68 hours using an external courier. When ordering over 40 euros, shipping is free. More at www.fitmarket.sk .

5. Grandma's garden

It is an organic store that takes care of your health. You will find organic and natural cosmetics, quality organic products. Shop full of healthy food and eco drugstore. Such as organic products and raw, gluten-free products, loose teas and healthy coffees, dried fruits and sweets, herbs, ointments, tinctures and syrups, green foods, spices, seeds, germination, flour, flakes, groats, natural cosmetics and eco-drugs. More at www.babickinazahrada.sk .

6. Freshbox

The Freshbox service already allows individuals to order anything from the range of the well-known company Zeleninári directly to households. Tasty vegetables, fresh fruit and various other products of the highest quality, professional approach and home delivery. The minimum order value is 100 € and shipping is free. The goods are delivered to the door, even if someone lives on the 10th floor and does not have an elevator. Delivery grants are within 24 hours. More at www.freshbox.sk .

7. The world of boxes

There is a farmers market that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. You can choose from more than 1,000 products (farm food online) from Slovak farmers and suppliers . All you have to do is choose or fold the box and we will bring everything to your home. More at www.svetdebniciek.sk


iKLAS.sk is a seller of various types of food, beverages, durable packaging, but also assortment for children and animals. However, it is a trade in imports exclusively within Košice. The minimum value of the order is 15 euros, in which case shipping costs 4.99 euros and also depends on the time of delivery.


The food import service is accessible only for Bratislava. Although address verification is also possible for the municipalities of Bernolákovo, Veľký Biel, Senec, Zlaté Klasy and the like, delivery does not work there yet. All you have to do is choose from the product range, contact the sellers by phone and dictate the selected items to them. They will deliver the purchase to you the next day free of charge.

10. Lunys

They ship the goods throughout Slovakia, cooperate with leading suppliers from all over Europe and NON-STOP are available for their customers. It is necessary to register through their call centers and after registration you will get access to the e-shop. The minimum order value is 30 euros and no shipping is charged. The goods will be delivered to you the next day, except on Sunday, you can pick them up only in a veil and gloves and pay contactlessly. More at www.lunys.sk .

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Updated on: 25.3.2020
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