Where to eat strawberries in Microregion 11 PLUS and surroundings?


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In the following article, we will introduce and look at the current state of strawberry farms in the region of Microregion 11 PLUS and the surrounding area.

The coronavirus is slowly giving way to us (lapel, lapel, lapel) and we haven't even thought about it, and we have the 2020 strawberry season here. Not only will we save and collect the most beautiful pieces, but in some strawberry fields we can also taste strawberries together with our children, who will certainly remember this unique experience on the first days of June at school 🙂. Yes, the children only have it for a couple, until they return to school for a few days, so we could make these days a little more pleasant and at the same time spend time as a family.

Source: Zber jahôd (27.5.2020)

In the following lines, we will introduce the strawberry fields in the region of Microregion 11 PLUS and the surrounding area. There are a large number of strawberry fields in Slovakia, which offer self-picking strawberries. Some strawberry fields are already open, some are opening right now and some are still planning to open the strawberry season.
In any case, before leaving, we recommend that you check the current situation at your favorite strawberry factory, either by phone or by clicking on the FB page or the organizer's profile, where you will also find out other necessary information.

For each strawberry garden we will state the prices, contact, FB profile and especially the opening hours with the current state of the start of the season.

As mentioned above, measures against COVID-19 are necessary and most strawberry farms report that entry to the strawberry farm will be possible only with the upper airways covered (drape, scarf, scarf), hand disinfection will be applied at the entrance to the operation and when moving it will be necessary to maintain distances in the ranks of persons of at least 2 meters around the complex. For outdoor markets, the time for pensioners does not apply, so entry is the same for everyone and children are only allowed to enter if accompanied by parents.


Between the village Majcichov and Opoj you will find a popular strawberry garden - Jahody Majcichov. The local strawberry plantation has grown and currently strawberries are grown here on almost six hectares. You can collect three varieties - the earlier Darselect with large, distinctly sweet fruits and a bright red color. Later Florenc which has large, heavy dark red fruits with a delicious taste. And Symphony, whose juicy and sweet fruits have a strong fruity aroma.
Strawberries are irrigated with safe water and lined with straw, so you can pick clean fruits even in rainy weather.

Open from: 30.5.2020 ( from 8:00 to 12:00 , the last entry will be at 11:30 or until collection)
Price per kg: € 2.50
Telephone contact: +421 948 418 567
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jahody-Majcichov-1417951118474288
Payment by card: Yes
Additional information:
- Cardboard boxes with a load capacity of 3 kg can be purchased on site
- if too many people come to the field, who literally pick all the strawberries, the organizer will close the field for 2-3 days to ripen more strawberries
- The entrance to the car park will be open from 07:30

Source: Majcichov - zber jahôd (27.5.2020)


You will find this strawberry plantation between the towns of Trnava and Sereď, close to the R1 motorway in the cadastre of the village of Vlčkovce. In the village of Vlčkovce and at the exits from the R1 expressway, you will be guided to the plantation by directional signs. Parking is right next to the plantation, for about 200 cars (in front of the plantation and on the edge of the asphalt road). The course is provided by the Sezaland organizer. After arriving at the plantation, you will take the containers for picking strawberries, the scale will be recorded and glued to the containers. After filling the containers, you will return to the scale, where the weight of the empty containers will be deducted, ie you will only pay for the strawberries collected. Up to six varieties are grown in this strawberry garden - Karmen, Darselekt, Daroyal, Symphony, Florence and Rumba. So your taste buds have something to look forward to.

Open from: 30.5.2020 ( from 8:00 to collection )
Price per kg: 2 € (collected 4,50 € / kg )
Telephone contact: +421 908 421 179
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jahodyvlckovce
Payment by card: No.
Additional information:
- employees in reflective vests will assign you a line in which you will collect strawberries

Source: Facebook (27.5.2020)


Clery, Joly, Elsanta and Aprica varieties will gradually ripen in Bučany. Jahodovisko Plantex is located on the outskirts of Bučany towards Trnava.
Plantex is a traditional Slovak grower of fruit and fruit trees. In addition to strawberries, it also offers apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, raspberries. You will find a wide range of fruit and ornamental plants and trees in their Garden Center in Veselý. Due to recent frosts, the price per kilogram of strawberries has not yet been set for this year.

Open from: after ripening more strawberries - watch FB ( from 7:30 to harvest )
Price per kg: € 2.90
Telephone contact: +421 918 802 620
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plantex.sk
Payment by card: not specified
Additional information:
- You can buy the first harvested strawberries today in the Plantex Garden Center in Veselý. The price in the store is 4.90 € / 500g

Source: Bučany - zber jahôd (27.5.2020)

Dunajská Lužná

When you leave the town on the road towards Šamorín, on the left side you will pass the Davidov Riding Complex after a while and a little behind it, but on the right side, there is a strawberry garden. You can collect strawberry varieties Clery, Elsanta, Jolly and Elegance. It will be possible to park in the parking lot at the same time.

Open from: 30.5.2020 ( from 7:00 to 18:00, possibly until collection )
Price per kg: € 2.90
Telephone contact: +421 911 755 098
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bonifructi
Payment by card: not specified
Additional information:
- It will also be possible to buy other products such as apple juice and dried apples directly on the collection

Source: Facebook (27.5.2020)
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