Let's go fishing with the children in Abraham, Great and Desolate Ulan


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In this article, we will introduce the ponds from the 11 PLUS Microregion, which are only 15 minutes away by car.

As the first pond, we can imagine the Hliník Reservoir , which is located in the village of Abrahám , close to the OFK Abrahám stadium. Fishing on this pond is possible and allowed from fishing competitions of primary school pupils at the beginning of May to October 15 of the respective calendar year. During this period, you can go fishing from 06:00 until 22:00.

As already mentioned, the students of the primary and primary schools in Abraham can fish in this pond on the basis of a purchased permit issued by the Municipal Office in Abraham. In addition, fish may be caught by persons who have a permanent or temporary residence in Abraham or by cottagers in Abraham, all of whom must have the prescribed fishing documents with them.

However, the pond is also accessible to anyone who buys a fishing permit from the Municipal Office, which they must then carry with them when fishing. The permit can be purchased at the Municipal Office only on working days during office hours.

In this pond you can catch carp, grass carp, crucian carp and white fish, but one fisherman is allowed to appropriate only one noble fish per day. For children, however, one caught fish will bring indescribable joy in their eyes and a pleasant feeling for our parents.

The fees for a fishing permit are as follows:
- daily 3 €
- weekly 6 €
- monthly 10 €
- annual 20 €

More information can be found in the General Binding Council of Abraham on fishing at the local Aluminum Reservoir .

At the beginning of May, traditional children's fishing competitions take place on the pond, the exact date of which is determined by the Municipal Office in Abraham. This nice event is an ideal tip how to spend a beautiful time with your children full of fun and experiences in a nice place. The village provides nice prizes for the winners and we do not forget about refreshments for competitors and spectators. The video below will tell you more.

Another pond with the possibility of fishing for adults and children, which attracted us in the Microregion 11 PLUS is only 13 minutes away by car, specifically Lotos Lake in the village of Veľké Úľany .

The area is surrounded by a dead arm of the Black Water, where all kinds of fish can be caught. Most often it is carp, which is found in the largest quantity and the largest weigh over 20 kilograms! The crew consists of carp, grass carp, pike, toothfish, catfish, flatfish, crucian carp. After the agreement, it is even possible to go night fishing, which the children will remember for a long time.

At the pond, it is also possible to stay in a cottage or camping. Barbecue or grilling is also a matter of course. To make matters worse, there is a small playground available for your children where they can go for a ride, and for the larger ones there is a small football field and a volleyball court. In the area there is even a mini zoo, respectively. farm with various animals such as: daniel, deer, mouflons, ducks, peacocks, pheasants, ponies, sheep. You can even see an American bomb here.

We must not forget the rich fauna, which is also unmissable here. Even with it, children can learn to name plants and trees.

Refreshments will be provided by a local buffet, where there is a wide selection of food and beverages.

The area is a great place to spend time with children, which is why the team of people from OZ Happy Kids regularly organizes a daily fishing camp for survival . Together with experienced and responsible animators and instructors, your children can spend an unforgettable week here in beautiful nature. The camp will be visited by experienced fishermen as well as a real scout who will show how to survive in the wild. Children will build bunkers and learn how to catch fish. In addition, there will be many other sports and ball hunts. The daily summer camp will end with a great barbecue and from Thursday to Friday overnight in tents. An evening by the campfire and an evening hunt for the king of waters - catfish - awaits them! A fishing license is not required, so this camp is really for every child. A Happy Kids team t-shirt is prepared for each camp participant.

More information about the dates, program, price and other important current information about the camp can be found at this link .

Source: happykids.sk (29.5.2020)

And as the last pond we chose a private pond focused on carp and predator fishing - Arizonacarp Lake SK , which is located on the outskirts of the village Pusté Úľany . In the vicinity of the lake you will find unspoiled nature, the forest behind the lake and the reeds around the whole lake together create a beautiful scenery where everyone can do their own thing.

Arizonacarp Lake is a large enough lake so that every fisherman will have his comfort for comfortable fishing. The fish crew is very varied and rich in the lake, which certainly attracts many fishermen. A large amount of scaly carp and coot was planted. Beautiful healthy fish usually exceeded the limit of over 10 kilograms, but there are also more pieces that exceed the magical limit of 15 kilograms. Furthermore, we can see grass carp, pike, perch, albino catfish, perch and also found ornamental crucian carp and koi carp.

The owners also offer to rent a spacious cottage , while the cottage also has a terrace. The cottage is four-bed, equipped with two bunk beds. In the future, the possibility of two extra beds will be added. The cottage has a kitchenette with decent equipment and even a TV. Each cottage is heated by an electric radiator with a thermal sensor. There is a fireplace near the cottage, for which there will be wood, a kettle for cooking and grills for grilling. Toilets and showers are centrally located in a separate cottage located approximately in the middle of the complex. If you have been hesitant about solving the issue of the whole family fishing, Arizonacarp Lake SK gives you a clear and comfortable answer in the form of this very well-equipped cottage.

You can find the current price list for renting a cottage, a complete gallery and other necessary information HERE . You can find the current hunting price list HERE and if you are looking for other information, click HERE .

Source: arizonacarplake.sk (29.5.2020)
For a better idea, watch the following video:
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