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In this article we will visit two villages from the Microregion 11 PLUS, where we will describe the attractions where you may sweat with the children, or try something else.

We will first start at a moderate pace in the village of Cífer . The village, which is the largest in the Trnava district in terms of population, has a lot to offer, but we were interested in a small family ranch located in the local part of Háj. Ranch pod Lipkou has over time become home to many animals that require attention, care and especially a lot of work. With all this, however, he gradually acquired the right face and became a place where the old, good, farmy atmosphere breathes. The atmosphere that is very difficult to find in today's modern, hectic times. Many busy people in the corner of their souls dream their dream, but Mrs. Martina Koniarová will tell you her own story of how she got from comfortable Bratislava to the edge of this picturesque village:

Ranch pod lipkou offers many options such as horseback riding, riding courses for beginners, pony rides for children, children's riding weekends or camps, horseback riding in nature, but also gift vouchers in the form of horseback riding. Contact with horses and other animals is of great importance for humans and especially for children. However, if someone wants to learn to ride a horse, they must first know his language, how the horse responds to a person and be able to respond to his needs.

In the ranch area, however, in addition to horses, you will also find the following animals: Australian Shepherd, Gottingen mini-pigs, Quesant mini-pigs, goats, mini-ducks, cows, chickens, dogs and cats. The goal of the owners of this nice ranch is to live in harmony with nature, to create a home for animals and to teach people how not to be indifferent to nature and animals as well as to other people. You can find a photo gallery of the animals and their descriptions at this link .

The ranch is mainly dedicated to western riding - dressage disciplines, with which it also participates in various competitions. However, the ranch also regularly organizes a number of its own events. You can find a list of current events on the Ranča pod lipkou Facebook profile . We definitely recommend that you review them before planning a trip.

Last but not least, following the relaxation of the COVID-19 measures, it should be mentioned that the ranch is also organizing camps for children this year , which will take place on the following dates:

- from 6.7. to 10.7.2020
- from 20.7 to 24.7.2020
- from 3.8 to 7.8.2020

We definitely recommend a visit to this ranch, as you will combine pleasant with useful in this quiet place, where you will relax and recharge your batteries. Your children will be friends with the animals immediately and they may like them so much that they will want to spend the summer with them in the mentioned children's camp on the farm.

If your children are more active and rather looking for adventure, then in that case we will move only less than 20 km further to the village of Vlčkovce . The village is only 9 km away from the regional city of Trnava and just as an important trade route led through this village, so now there is another important expressway - R1.

Vlčkovce can be proud of the first large corn bud in Slovakia, which has become very popular not only in the vicinity. The organizers change the shape of the maze every year, so this attraction will always be like new for you and especially for children, even though you have already participated in it once.

In 2019, the organizer prepared up to 2 mazes, the total length of which was about 2,800 meters, but there was much more, because the task was not only to find the exit outside, but the habitats hidden in the alleys. The first maze was simpler in the shape of the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic and was intended mainly for the youngest visitors. Animals (made of wood) that the children had to find were hidden in the alleys, the parents read the educational text and the question to them, wrote the answer to it in a secret box, and the children received a medal at the box office for the completed secret. The second maze was more complex in the form of a map of the Slovak Republic. There were clues in the stands about the cities you were in. The task was to find out where you are, orient yourself accordingly and continue in the right direction.

In addition, accompanying attractions awaited children, such as. a large pyramid made of straw bales, a lookout tower, various ball games, a throw of circles on posts, football goals and, last but not least, a fireplace for grilling and a party tent with refreshments and a bar was prepared last year. On some days, it was even possible to ride a tractor, where the boys really got their way. Of interest was the night wandering for children with flashlights and for brave adults even horror nights in the maze. In the corn maze, therefore, you will experience a hill of adventure and active fun with your family or friends, you will test your orientation skills and knowledge. We are already looking forward to what the new organizer will come up with this year, as after the end of the previous season, he was looking forward to the new year on his Facebook profile . We firmly believe that the coronavirus did not complicate the preparations and that the children will experience many beautiful moments in the maze in 2020 as well.

However, we will still stay in Vlčkovce, but we will only move a short distance, about 5 minutes to the village. The youngest of the Tarzania rope parks, Tarzania Vlčkovce , is located in the ESO motor station complex. This rope park is built of 11 obstacles at a height of approximately 4 to 8 meters above the ground and it also includes a route for the smallest climbers of greedy Tarzančky with a 25 meter cable car. It contains the same obstacles at low altitudes so you can assist the children. During the whole climb, they are protected against falling to the ground. The main route in the treetops is intended for larger clever children and adults. Anyone can really try it, as you are sure of a safety rope at all times.

The children's route is about 80 meters long and you can buy a ticket for 4 €. The main route for larger ones is 208 meters long and you can buy a ticket for 7 €. However, the opening hours are different each month and can also be adjusted now during the measures against COVID-19. During the month of June, it is open with stricter hygiene rules only on Fridays, weekends and public holidays from 2 pm to 6 pm. You can see the current opening hours HERE .

Source: TARZANIA (12.6.2020)

If you broke up to visit Tarzanie Vlčkovce, you must have burned a lot of energy, which needs to be replenished. However, you do not have to go google and get in the car, because there is an ESO restaurant in the area of the former manor garden. The restaurant with quality gastronomy is located in the calming surroundings of this park with a pond and a children's playground. You will definitely choose the right table for you in this large restaurant with two terraces.

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