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Taste needle syrups, which are characterized by excellent taste, quality and beneficial effects on the human body. All you need is a teaspoon a day to get to know the healing power of our trees.

We were fascinated by the story of two young people - Alexandra and Lukáš, who decided to create exceptional products associated with the love of nature, the forest and the values they received from their parents and grandparents.

We would also like to present this exceptional project through the GoSlovakia.sk portal and therefore we want to bring some interesting information from their website ihlickovo.sk, which is very nice and interesting. (otherwise it was created by Lukáš himself)

Ihličkovo is a small family business based on values. Alexandra and Luke abstain from the slogan: "we can take only as much as we can return to nature." And how did their story begin? We learn this from Alexandrina's story.

It was sometime in 1998 when I tasted Starkin fir syrup for the first time as a child. At that time I had a strong cough and since my parents did not want to give me any medication, just like my grandparents came to the rescue. The old woman closed in the pantry and after a while came out with a small bottle. She just said, open your mouth and I listened. And that was the first time I tasted her real fir syrup from needles. I've loved him ever since. My cough miraculously passed ... At that time, I had no idea that only one raw material and a few secret ingredients were behind the production of this product.

The name Ihličkovo was also created simply - it describes the ingredients from which our products are made. Our project is unique mainly in its story, by combining the traditions of our grandparents, who have long known the healing effects of conifers and did not hesitate to share their secrets. Our production begins with the moment of harvesting the shoots, then sipping them, filling them into bottles for ripening without any intervention, where they retain all the rich nutrients from the needles.

Where can you find us?

Our garden is located in the picturesque village of Smolenice at the foot of the Little Carpathians. We grow our own conifers here, such as pines, firs and spruces, from which we obtain all the rich nutrients for our products.

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