Categorization of campsites for 2021


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These days, a new categorization is taking place in Slovak campsites. The Slovak Association of Camping and Caravanning, after thorough training, started evaluating the registered campsites. In the campsites, not only the offer of the quantity and type of equipment is assessed on the basis of a uniform form, but mainly the quality of the services offered.

The result of the evaluation is the classification of the campsite in the categories marked with one to four stars. The evaluation is performed in the presence of a camping representative. A certified certificate will be issued to the rated campsite stating the number of stars obtained. The campsite can display and apply the certificate, the logo board and the number of stars at all official marketing sites.

The campsites have obtained the verification certificate for the category:

  • Route E58 Camp Košice
  • Autocamping Podlesok
  • Camping Goralský dvor
  • ATC Hotel Bystrina
  • Camp Vodník
  • Camping near Svätý Urban Podhájska
  • Camp Pacho
  • Maracamping
  • Marina Liptov Resort
  • Camping Pullmann Piešťany

Campsites under verification:

  • Autocamp Stará hora
  • Pension Stefanik Autocamp Súľov
  • Camping Manínska Tiesňava

The request for categorization is submitted by the campsite operator, which includes a completed questionnaire. The application and categorization rules can be downloaded from the SACC website.

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