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"Wine is the most important link that connects man with the past." Ladislav Bartal, owner The wines of our family winery Bartal are on offer in the company store on Hlavná street in the town of Šamorín, as well as in the headquarters of our company. Immediately after the manual harvest of our variety, we process it using the classic method to achieve quality varietal wines. Fermentation takes place under supervision in stainless steel vessels.

At the 18-hectare winery you can find different types of grapes: Riesling Rhine, Frankovka Blue, Zweigelt, Irsai Olivér, Pannónia, Dornfelder, Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, the owner buys various quality grapes such as: Riesling Rhine, Chardonnay, André, Moravian Nutmeg, Tramín Red.

To expand the offer of wines, we also process grapes from varieties that we buy in the South Slovak wine-growing region from other growers. These are varieties such as Irsai Oliver, Mravský nutmeg, Veltlínské zelené, Chardonay, Rulandské biele, André and others, depending on customer demand. The wines are aged in wooden barrels.

The members of the Bartal family strive to maintain this high level and to satisfy the demands and desires of the guests.

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Updated on: 9.6.2021

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