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bistro "porridge" with a living atmosphere

On Bratislava's Dull Square, a bistro with a name has been operating in a narrow alley for more than two years, during which a memory of my grandmother's kitchen immediately arises. And although it does not burn with its size, talk about it spreads among Bratislava connoisseurs at the speed of light. So I went for a bite there. Enchanted by the friendly atmosphere and tempting menu (including breakfast), I pulled a man and daughter there one Saturday morning - at least once we have breakfast in style (and I don't have to prepare it). Semolina porridge with hot chocolate ducats, cranberries and roasted hazelnuts, poppy seeds or combo for hungry people (honestly prepared roast beef and sausages) clearly convinced us that such a day can not end otherwise than successfully. And the project of bistro Žufaň seems to be successful. I asked Janka Hoosová, one of the three owners of Žufana, who enthusiastically work as cooks, waitresses or operators in the bistro.

What did you go to the opening of Žufane with?

We wanted to set up a breakfast room where people can start their day in a pleasant way - from 7.00 am. We prepare traditional dishes, on which we grew up as children, at the same time, lightly. Anyone who loves sweets can have one of our porridges - a traditional but somewhat forgotten meal of our old ones. My heart is a generous porridge, inspired by a traditional cake, with a poppy-plum base, sour curd and roasted walnuts. You will also find other cereal porridge, spreads, dimples, blini - salty sour pancakes, fried bread, sandwiches, we bake our own cakes. In addition, we prepare two soups a day, a sauce, meat and vegetarian food, so you can eat well with us all day. We rely on simple but honest cooking from fresh and seasonal ingredients. We change the menu three times a year and try to get seasonal ingredients into the dishes in full force.

Will coffee makers come to you?

Under one roof you will find good food and selected coffee from the English roaster Has Bean Coffee, which is one of the most popular coffee experts. People often choose us from the opposite end of Bratislava for morning coffee or an informal business meeting during the day.

Good food and delicious coffee bring people closer ...

Yes, with that we went to the bistro project. So that people can meet and talk offline - over a plate of good food and a cup of fragrant coffee. I believe that people here feel like friends in their own living room. Children and dogs are welcome. Sometimes it's action in our country, then strangers also meet at the table - and talk. Something humanly nice happens to us every day. People also come to us because of this cordial atmosphere. Because the art of living is also in enjoying the goodness and enjoying interpersonal relationships.

Open daily from 7.00 am - also Saturdays from 8.00 and Sundays from 9.00

During the weekend for 4- and multi-member groups, we recommend reserving a table no later than Friday at 7 pm.


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Reported by: Stanislava Murínová
Updated on: 8.6.2020

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