Choose a registration

Suitable for the user who searches for information, and after signing up, he will be able to manage his profile and take advantage of many other benefits.

GoSlovakia user gets:

  • ability to upload your own trip tips
  • Collecting Gopoints from shopping and scanned POI's
  • save to favorites and profile history
  • possibility to point out a point of interest
  • access to special offers
  • profile connection with GoSlovakia app
  • access to a wide range of regional products
  • always be the first to be informed about important information
  • possibility to register for events online

The business entity or organization will be able to choose a member program to manage their profiles, enter data, and use a range of self-promotion tools.

GoSlovakia partner gets extra:

  • manage your own POI profile
  • display on smart map
  • QR code and button directed to your own profile
  • add other points of interest for free
  • creating links between points
  • possibility to publish on homepage
  • link data to GoCamping
  • possibility to activate POI tagging system
  • possibility to activate virtual reality AR
  • free event entry
  • involvement in the B2B platform
  • possibility to assign / write off Go points
  • possibility to publish articles and promos