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The Donovaly brewery was born in the beautiful but rugged mountains of central Slovakia. His life began with our courageous yet simple determination: brew an honest beer from the beginning. In addition to a cozy restaurant, our unique brewery also offers fresh bakery products from its own bakery and a cozy café. We bring mountain lovers a special group of beers, each of which is exceptional.

Light lager of the Pilsen type made with a proven mashing technology using the highest quality Moravian malts. The higher but delicious bitterness of the beer is achieved by triple dosing of hops. The classic main fermentation and long-term maturation give it a balanced taste and therefore it drinks very well. The beer is made in memory of his father Petě Šperk.

Dark flavored beer produced by the top fermentation method. Malt tones perfectly matched with the taste of cherries and hot Belgian chocolate will give you a perfect cherry experience. If you are lucky, you will also meet the legend of Slovak ice hockey - Ľubomír Višňovský, who was the inspiration for creating this recipe, directly in the Donovaly brewery. We recommend tasting the last sip of this beer with cherries, which will complete the pleasant aftertaste and extend its duration.

Fresh beer produced by the top fermentation method. It has a unique amber color. It acquires its uniqueness by the gradual addition of selected hops. The beer is slightly hop-hot, characterized by a strong fruity aroma of apricots, peaches and honeydew melon. An interesting contrast to this sweet taste is a pleasant hint of grapefruit and lime. Simply a beer that is "hexed".

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Updated on: 16.6.2021

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