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The premises of the Šintavan winery are open to you! Do you want to stop with a group of friends or colleagues for an evening tasting? Our premises are available and ready to present the tastes of our vineyards! All you have to do is order in advance. We regularly participate in major regional or foreign exhibitions, tastings and competitions. Many of our vintage wines are winners of medal awards.

The story of the Šintavan winery began to be written a long time ago. Naturally, it continues the tradition of vine growing in this region and at the same time builds on a unique location, characteristics of the terrarium and honest work. The company Šintavan s.r.o. itself was established in 1996 on the foundations of the original agricultural cooperative, which until then managed the entire process of cultivation and production.

Vine growing and wine production is a process that requires constant improvement and innovation. Every year, whether in cutting, treatment, processing, sludge removal, bottling, every single step from the first puck to a full cup, we think everywhere about a step forward and we try to improve, respectively. respond to current conditions - whether meteorological, economic, competitive, etc. At present, our company manages vineyards on a total area of 90 hectares.

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Updated on: 9.6.2021
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