MAJA beekeeping


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MAJA Beekeeping - Majoros Jácint is a family farm focused on pollination of orchards and agricultural crops, pollen collection and honey production. In order to have favorable conditions for our bees and more honey of various kinds, we go with the bees to graze.

Our family of beekeepers for more than 150 years. The founder of the current beekeeping farm was my grandfather Štefan Viczén, with whom I have been beekeeping since I was a child and I tried to learn as much as possible about bees. He passed on his knowledge to me, guided me and guided me forward. I have been doing this on a professional level since 2006, we own three beekeeping sites and we manage 200 hives. Our products have obtained a certificate for the use of the SVS trademark "Slovenský med" no. 1/2006 on the basis of meeting the qualitative parameters of the Federal Quality and Quality Standard no. 1/2006 of the honey entered in the competition for the Best Slovak Honey. The Malohont Local Action Group, the coordinator of regional labeling of local products and services in the Gemer-Malohont region, awarded us a product group: bee products - honey / agate, flower, rapeseed, linden, forest, raspberry, mixed /, bee pollen and propolis.

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