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Good day! My name is Zsolt Brozman. I lived in England for ten years. I really liked the small English farms where the sheep had been out all year and grazed on the greenest pastures I had ever seen. From an early age, I was familiar with how to raise sheep, as my grandfather bred them. Upon our return, we built a house in a beautiful location next to the village of Ratka, near my hometown of Fiľakovo. After moving in, I started planning sheep breeding. My goal is to expand the English breed Clun Forest in Slovakia. And because of the qual

ILE DE FRANCE : The sheep of this breed were bred by breeding crossings in the years 1883 - 1890. The ewes of the rambouillet breed were bred with leicaster and lincoln rams. The studbook dates from 1922. Until 1921, the sheep of this breed were called dishley - merino. The breed can be characterized as wool meat, and it is a fine wool assortment A / B - B / C. It is an early breed with a very harmonious shaping of the body structure, also suitable for stable conditions. The meat is tender with a minimum of fat. The composition of the carcass is very favorable. Slaughter yield is 48 - 50%. The head is heavier, in rams and sheep hornless, overgrown than in the breed berrichonne, the neck is short and strong. Live weight of ewes is 60 - 80 kg, rams 100 - 120 kg. Fertility 130 - 160%. Daily lamb gain 350 g.

CLUN FOREST : English meat breed bred in the Clun Shropshire area from Radnor, Shropshire and Kerry Hill breeds. Studbook kept since 1925. At present, it is quite widespread in France. The breed is hornless of medium to large body frame, early, fertile (150-170%) and resistant to adverse weather. The color of the head and legs is dark brown, white wool in the BC range. The peculiarity of the breed are vertically built dark shorter ears. Ewes are characterized by good milkiness and a strong maternal instinct. Births are easy due to the small heads of lambs. The breed is temperamental, firm constitution, long-lived, the body is cylindrical, straight back, slightly buttocked butt. The nails are resistant to contagious crooks. Live weight of ewes70-80 kg, rams 110-120 kg, lamb gains 300-350 g. The most suitable breeding system for this breed is. It is also used for crossbreeding to improve the meat yield of other breeds.

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