They manually redevelop supplies for residential bathtubs


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The unique Slovak project of father Igor with his daughter Broňa Ščambová from Žilina shows what a real passion for travel looks like. They design and remodel their own bathtubs, travel through them and, thanks to their rental, bring the opportunity to try this kind of experience to absolutely everyone. They have a kitchen, plenty of storage space, shower or solar panel. In the interview, they explained to us how "ordinary" travel differs from caravan travel, how they got there.

I had the first delivery remade to friends who did it professionally. I reworked the other two myself. However, I needed professional help from a friend regarding electricity, materials and the like. So far, we have been consulting and discussing lessons on remodeling bathtubs. In addition, I watch YouTube remodeling videos almost every night. The redesign of the supply involves an investment in the purchase of a car and material. Furthermore, it costs a lot of nerves and patience. You have to find every single part, go buy it or order it, and in addition to assembling it, you will grab everything in your hand several times. You cut too long or too short, and you can start again. This is how I could talk for hours.

I converted my first Avia into a residential van 34 years ago. We went on trips with her. Over time, more work duties came and there was no time for bathing. In 2007, I bought the first van VW Transporter, which was used for work for two years. When it was no longer needed in the company, I had it converted into a living room. We traveled with her for 10 years and in 2017 the idea came to try to rent the van. At that time, my daughter was abroad almost all year round, so I did it all by myself. In the summer it started quite well and there was interest in renting.

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Updated on: 9.6.2021
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