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In the locality of the Pezinok Carpathians there is a massive forested hill Čertov kopec.

Devil's Hill

In the locality of the Pezinok Carpathians there is a massive forested hill Čertov kopec.

If you have already marched through most of the well-known and most visited tourist hills of the Little Carpathians and you do not know where your stray shoes should go this time, try to explore the lesser-known part of the Pezinské Carpathians. It is precisely in this locality that the massive wooded hill Čertov kopec is located.

Devil's Hill has relatively wide slopes and its top is relatively flat with a smaller proportion of rock walls. It does not protrude so much into the surroundings and perhaps that is why it will escape the attention of most tourists. Devil's Hill is part of the ridge, along which leads Štefánik's highway, a red marked hiking trail.

The site was used mainly for logging, as in the past there were the largest reserves of quality wood. Mine remnants can also be seen in the surrounding forests. In addition to gold and antimony, pyrite mining was also important here.

It is possible to get to Čertov kopec along Štefánik's highway. The dimension (at an elevated place) serves as a reference point, from which it is necessary to go north for about 10 minutes to an indistinct peak. The easiest access is from Pernek, from where the Devil's Hill is about 5 km away.

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Updated on: 17.7.2019
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Devil's Hill
900 52  Kuchyňa
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Area: Záhorie
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900 52  Kuchyňa

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