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Dorota Valentová

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Do you belong to the late ones and are you looking for gifts under the tree at the last minute? Don't despair, I have some interesting tips for all your loved ones. I have chosen gifts from Slovak producers, designers and craftsmen, because in addition to a beautiful gift, you will have a good feeling that you have supported skillful Slovak people.

For women

Petra Toth is an inspiring Slovak jeweler who still has a lot to offer. A beautiful comb for hair is not a completely ordinary piece of jewelry, it stands out all the better as a gift. It is inspired by Chata lace transformed into a sophisticated contemporary form. There were still a few pieces left in the e-shop until Christmas, but Petra also has a stone shop.

The Ziva brand was inspired by a 150-year-old family tradition. I have been watching her on Instagram for a long time and I really like the work of this nice woman who is hiding behind her. As I learned, she has not always been involved in this craft, but decided on a new direction only after almost 15 years in marketing. As a gift, I recommend beautiful hand-woven dining tablecloths. You can find Ziva in the village of Lošonec in the Trnava region, or visit their website.

Slaninková is a Slovak brand of hand-bound notebooks made of leather, which are created under the hands of the skilful Michaela from Bytča. She studied applied informatics with a specialization in graphic design. Hand-binding notebooks has become her hobby and continues to be professional. The Aurora leather notebook is an elegant, unique fashion accessory that will be appreciated by every woman who prefers paper to electronic notebooks.

Metaforms are handmade jewelry created by Tatiana Lesajová. In addition, he focuses on interior and product design, and sees jewelry as an opportunity to show off his talent on a smaller scale. Metaformi jewelry is made of marble, semi-precious stones, silver, gold and brass. They are really dazzling and timeless. I chose the ADAM RING BIANCO ring from the collection, which is made of Italian marble and polished brass. The unique structure of the stone makes each an original. Take a look at that wonderful minimalist aesthetic.

TWO is a young Slovak brand dedicated to hand-made, 100% natural cosmetic products. Behind the brand are sympathetic young people Maťa and Marek, who care about sustainability and ecology, so in the store you will find zero waste products, compostable packaging and upcycled accessories. They produce lip balms, solid soaps, bath foams, solid shampoos, conditioners, body butters, shower jellies, and a collection for mothers and children. I have chosen Night Regenerating Serum for you, which is a great addition to the care of all skin types, so you don't even have to think about what type of skin your partner has.


For men

The Slovak brand Remini unites several Slovak authors. It was founded in 2012 and sold out almost everything on the first open-air market, which confirmed their need to continue. The notebook I chose for you is from Dominika Valentovičová and her animal series is perfect for deep-sea types. Judge for yourself.

The first Slovak roaster of selected coffee offers something for lovers of this black drink. Every coffee is said to have its own story, which starts on the farm. Therefore, they will mark your coffee, you will know exactly where it came from and where its story began. Your coffee will start roasting only after placing your order. Under the Christmas tree, therefore, a coffee lover cannot even wish for a fresher. Like it, order (my favorite) .

Do you have a hipster at home? I also found a gift for him, at the Slovak brand Mylo. Behind this is dear Barb, who started with soaps and cosmetics production in 2013, first just for herself. Gradually, in this creative process of cosmetics production, she found herself and established a handmade shop of natural cosmetics. Men's chin and beard balm is exactly what you need for chin care. Buy here or in brick- and- mortar stores.


With such a simple thing as socks, you will make the day more pleasant not only for yourself, but also for your surroundings… This is the vision of the Slovak company Funny sox . The whole idea was said to have been born on a trip to Ethiopia, where a little African boy liked colorful socks, which the founder of Funny sox had just on his feet. So one in ten couples want to send Funny sox to families where they can't afford it, but they would put a smile on their faces. Just like under a tree, it will conjure up to your friend. I recommend the limited edition Slovak Classic


Everyone will definitely know the Slovak brand DEDOLES . But not everyone knows that Dedoles, thanks to its customers, also contributes financially to tree planting. By the end of 2019, thanks to them, they will plant 50,000 trees in the Tatras. And you can also help - choose such cheerful boxers for your friend, husband or father this year, for example, and in the last step of the order, voluntarily round the amount of the order to the nearest euro. "Dedolesné" change will be used to plant trees until the last cent.


For children

The Slovak Children's Year is a book that my son will get under the tree this year. It's not a book novelty, but only now have I discovered it and included it in the selection, because maybe you don't know about it yet. In the book, Filipko, Vševedko, Stonoha and Pripletko will explain to you how it was with the first day of the year, they will tell you how and why the months were given names and how the ancestors called them quite differently. You will find out what habits people followed and that almost everything was magical. They reveal, as was the case with magic and spells, whether or not people once believed in beings with supernatural abilities. In addition, this book is full of carols, sayings, games, dances, verse and beautiful fairy tales. The author is Elena Slobodová and I am already looking forward to reading it with my son in the evenings. What do you say, did she interest you as much as I did?

I was also interested in self-correcting cards, because they playfully teach children to automate the basics of addition and subtraction - up to twenty in notebook A, up to one hundred in notebook B - and a multiplication table in notebook C. They are intended mainly for the first stage of primary school. Their author is PaedDr. Martina Totkovicova, PhD. and are also a Slovak product. You can learn more about the cards in the video with Lujza. You can buy them in the e-shop or in bookstores.

" Fusakle … ... And in that moment I realized that I managed to do exactly what I wanted - to open people's minds, relax them a little, confiscate them. When a person is willing to accept a change even in such a small thing as a change of socks, he is willing to listen and accept other opinions as well. ” This is how Jan Angus characterized the origin of Fusaklí in his blog. And I really liked it, as I like their collection for the little ones. PS: You will definitely find Fusakle, and if not, look here.


I noticed a long time ago that the Ex Libris bookstore in SNG hides many interesting things, as well as gift ideas. And that's why I couldn't get around them. Children love tattoos and these , inspired by the work of Ľudovít Full, are divine. The author is Braňo Matis and you can buy them at the last minute in a shop in SNG.

Slovak jumping rubber . This is exactly the great gift that will not take up much space, will not destroy much of the planet but will bring a lot of fun. The rubbers are colorful, lovingly handmade, wrapped in a gift box and in a cotton bag. And beware, even with instructions for jumping, it will fit.


For grandma and grandpa

I guess everyone must have heard about the Slovak company Lyra . Their chocolates are collecting awards around the world. I love them, their nut spreads, but also everything else. For grandparents, I chose their nut collection in chocolate for you . In addition to being extremely addictive, they are beautifully packaged and from the rich menu you will surely choose exactly what will please your grandparents the most. You can also buy in better food.

I admit that I'm not sure if you will get this candlestick by Bethlehem by Christmas, but trying it is definitely worth a try. It enchanted me last year, it's beautiful and simple, and I think your grandmother will definitely be as excited about it as I am. They are made by Design LCH and you can find them here

The cup from Modransko will surely please grandma and grandpa. This is also a Slovak company, and its story dates back to 1975. Today's appearance is here thanks to Jakub, who returned to his family workshop after studying abroad and brought new procedures and ideas. They create original ceramics that preserve the traditions and beauty of the old pottery. You can support and buy beautiful cups that I chose for your grandparents (but of course others) here.


I hope I inspired you at least a little. Remember, but the most beautiful thing about Christmas is when you can be with the people you love. I wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas, do not rush anywhere and live every moment to the fullest. Happy Christmas!

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Reported by: Dorota Valentová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
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