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Pivnica BRHLOVCE is a small craft winery, which is located in rocky dwellings in the village Brhlovce. It is a place where time still flows the old way - analogically.

Vinná Pivnica BRHLOVCE

Pivnica BRHLOVCE is a small craft winery, which is located in rocky dwellings in the village Brhlovce. It is a place where time still flows the old way - analogically.

We perceive wine creation as a creative process. It is more of an emotional-artistic matter than a perfect technological process. The value of wine is therefore perceived in our country in terms of art and beauty. Our wines are the opposite of machine and industrial production. Each bottle passes through our hands several times.

In the cellar, we follow mainly intuition and biodynamic procedures. For white wines, we use only bentonite and gentle filtration. Usually we don't even filter red wines and we try to give them enough time in the cellar. We bottle the wines ourselves in the cellar and every wine goes into the bottle at the moment when we think that the right moment has come. Discovering "the right moment" means listening to the world and calming the inner noise and unrest.

The rock dwellings in which our winery is located have a strong internal energy that fundamentally affects our lives and the character of our wine. Throughout the year, the rock dwellings have almost ideal climatic conditions for the slow maturation of wine.

One of the goals of the Pivnica BRHLOVCE winery, in addition to creating artisanal wines, is to save rock dwellings and give them a second chance at life.

Our wines are from the northern border of vineyard cultivation in Central Europe. The hot - southern part of Europe (Pannonian Basin - Pannonicum) ends here and the cold - northern part of Europe (Western Carpathians - Carpaticum occidentale) begins.

It is a magical place where two climatic worlds meet on a narrow strip of land, and where vineyards sink their roots deep into the volcanic bedrock created by the mighty SITNO Volcano, which was originally up to 4 km high and occupied about 2,200 km². Today, in its fallen caldera lies an architectural gem - the town of Banská Štiavnica. Vinohrady pod Vulkánom Sitno lies mostly on tuffs and andesites. We can simply say that soft tuff is volcanic ash and hard andesite is volcanic lava.

There is quite a big difference in the nature of the weather between the individual years. Therefore, the key to understanding our wines is to know the location of the vineyard and the character of the vintage from which you are drinking wine. In cold vintages such as 2010 and 2014, wines are fresher with higher acidity and need more time to show us their inner beauty and elegance. In warm vintages such as 2012 and 2015, the wines are more opulent and usually prepared sooner.

We focus on typical varieties of Central Europe: Pesecká leánka, Veltlínské zelené, Pinot blanc, Frankovka modrá, Pinot noir, Alibernet.

We perceive our wines as part of gastronomy. The combination of food and wine is supposed to bring joy to life and connect people at one table.

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Parking: Free parking nearby

Accepted payments: Cash
Languages: Slovak

Suitable for: Adults
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Updated on: 12.4.2018

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Vinná Pivnica BRHLOVCE
Brhlovce č.139
935 02  Brhlovce
Region: Nitriansky
District: Levice
Area: Dolné Pohronie and Poiplie, Tekov
 48.214566, 18.737148

Brhlovce č.139
935 02  Brhlovce

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