Where to go for the weekend 8-9 September 2019 Fair special

Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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We all felt that the summer was over this week. The jump of ten degrees was palpable. The time of swimming and tropical days is over. It doesn't matter, all you have to do is dress better and go to fairs, vintage, we even have a food party or a club where the 7th best DJ in the world will play. We have prepared an offer of experiences and entertainment for the next weekend. Let's do this...
The carousel of fairs is traditionally launched by the "Traditional Trnava Fair" . This event will always attract tens of thousands of people from a wide area. There are a number of accompanying events for all ages. It has been important in the past for maintaining trade and exchanging goods. Today, here we can find a number of domestic producers, craftsmen, look into history and taste the taste of this year's grape harvest in the form of burčiak and ensure the gypsy , which is an integral part. We draw attention to a few events that are worth visiting.

The biggest event in Trnava is back a year! Every year, the Traditional Trnava Fair includes: Gypsy roasts, lokshe, strudels and much more. We have prepared all this for you and there will be much more! You can look forward to a music program, grilled specialties, a competition for a garden grill, or a competition for drinking beer!


Enthusiasts from the Trnava company present knightly or archery battles under the walls as part of a unique event and bring visitors closer to life in the settlements several centuries ago.

You can look forward to the 9th year of this very pleasant event under the walls of Trnava during the Traditional Trnava Fair. This year, the event will expand and you can look forward to more period camps, more tents with the program, as well as period gastronomy and original earthenware cups, created especially for this unique event.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the true unadulterated atmosphere of medieval life. Every year, behind the ancient city walls, in the orchard of Anton Bernolák, swordsmen and knights camp with their retinue to introduce you to the taste and smell of the Middle Ages through period cuisine, fencing performances, archery demonstrations or horseback riding.


The traditional event of the City of Trnava "Farewell to Summer" this year adds to the classic evening event a separate afternoon event, designed for families and our little ones. Visitors can look forward to a concert by Mira Jaroš with a band in a beautiful Trnava amphitheater.


We will have the opportunity to hear the most famous songs of the American band from Arkansas live in Slovakia exclusively for the first time in a full-fledged program, almost 2 hours long! Of course, on this day they will not play Evanescence in Trnava alone, but with a special guest or two guests. In any case, you need to properly prepare for the event of the year and especially remember the date of September 7th! One of the last summer Saturdays in Slovakia will be marked by a world rock star!


You will have a unique opportunity to taste the first burčiak, new wines from the year 2018 and, of course, the seasonal specialties of our chefs, which belong to this season.

In addition to wine tasting, you will be able to see the pubs and archives where Mrva & Stanko wines rest and from 17:00 you can listen to Slovak folk music performed by the group Trnafská Cimbalofka.

Central Slovakia will not go unnoticed. The 362nd fair will take place in the town below Urpin. It will offer everything the right fair has to offer. Craft festival, good food, wine and beer. Accompanying events. will take care of the fun for all ages . You can see the complete program on the "Radvanský jarmok" event line .

Are fairs nothing for you? Let's see how you can have fun in the capital . He will confiscate Petržalka and dance for the whole weekend of the "Petržalka Festival" . A multi-genre program for all ages is prepared . Patrik "Rytmus" Vrbovský, NO NAME, FÍHA Tralala, Majk Spirit + H16, POLEMIC, Michal "Ego" Straka, Medial Banana, Gladiator, SIMA, Mici a Mňau, Tereza Anna Mašková - fanpage, Plexo, Thomas Puskailer, Elán Revival, hud. rozpr. Ice Kingdom ... you can look forward to a rich cultural and accompanying program from every barrel for the little ones, teenagers, adults or seniors. The organizers literally connected the unconnected, and therefore a unique weekend party was created , which combines everything.


Already on Saturday, September 7, 2019 in Incheb , get ready for this month's show. DON DIABLO himself will come , who is currently the 7th best DJ in the world according to the djmag.com portal. The show that DON DIABLO can produce is breathtaking. If you don't make it to this party, he will come to the Bratislava club CHANNELS at midnight from midnight. If you don't know what it looks like at such a world DJ party, look at his set from TOMORROWLAND 2019 below the text.

Vegan feast Bratislava 2019 is here! The 11th year of this popular event will visit the Old Market Square again on September 8, 2019. The Vegan Feast Bratislava 2019 once again brings the best of sustainable and considerate cuisine! Look forward to dozens of restaurants, shops and manufacturers offering the best foods of purely plant origin, cosmetics and drugstores not tested on animals, as well as alternatives to leather products. There will be an all-day program, information stands for non-profit organizations, but also the opportunity to try out virtual reality or buy charity T-shirts.

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Reported by: Maťo Šimončič
Updated on: 3.12.2019
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