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Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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This week we have prepared a large overview of CHRISTMAS MARKETS. We looked at the largest Slovak cities. When will the tree light up in Bratislava? Can you punch in Banská Bystrica on New Year's Eve? You will find out in today's "Where for the weekend", of course we have not forgotten about events that have nothing to do with Christmas or visual.


Already this Friday, on the Main Square in Bratislava, a Christmas tree will light up at 5:00 pm and the Old Town Christmas Markets 2019 will begin. You can also find markets on the Main Square - Christmas Main Market - and on Hviezdoslav Square. In recent years, they have expanded to other places in the center, such as the square in front of the Eurovea shopping center. They are all united by an irresistible scent and a unique atmosphere. The markets will last until December 22, 2019


In little Rome, it will start this year a week after Bratislava. Advent markets start on November 29, 2019 and end on December 22, 2019. However, in the last week of November, you can look forward to Magic Christmas, which was prepared by the City Park shopping zone from Friday, November 22, 2019 to Sunday, November 24, 2019. The atmosphere of Christmas is evoked by good food and program.


Christmas town , as the inhabitants of Nitra tend to call Christmas markets, will open its gates on 01.12.2019 and the markets will last until 23.12.2019. The town will be situated as before, in front of the Andrej Bagar Theater.


The magic of Christmas under the castle will open the stalls until 05.12.2019 and the sale will end on 22.12.2019 . You can look forward to crafts, traditional Christmas delicacies, there will also be a podium with a varied program. The stalls will be sold until 18:00 and you can have refreshments until 22:00.


The BIG Jump exhibition, which has been opening the winter season in Mala Fatra for 8 years, dropped out in Žilina this year. There will also be a skating rink, which was used for skating in the open air. However, the municipality has prepared a novelty that should please everyone. On December 21 and 22, the markets will be dominated by a lively farmyard. "We believe that we will be able to make the Christmas atmosphere more pleasant by connecting the town with the village and connecting with nature," said Ingrid Dolniková, head of the culture department at the Žilina town hall, about the novelty.


This city has one peculiarity and that is that you can buy punch or mulled wine at the markets on New Year's Eve. Along with Košice, Banská Bystrica also has the end of sales after the new year. Christmas stalls end on 21.12.2019. The launch of the markets in Bystrica was planned for November 29, 2019.

Since the celebrations of the "gentle revolution" still sound in us, watch the video of what it looked like at the Christmas markets in Košice in 1988.


How did you like the video? If you have experienced such markets, you have something to remember, and if not, you can compare how it was then and now. The metropolis of the East will have the longest Christmas markets this year , up to 3 kings. On the first day of December, everything will be ready for Christmas and the markets will be able to start. Since we all want to relax at Christmas and meet family and friends, they will close their stalls on December 24th and 25th.


Relaxing Christmas is the name by which Prešov attracts visitors to its Christmas markets. And that's not all, they have dug up their concept of markets and the Christmas markets promise a new one. What does it mean? The markets will be organizationally better, more programmatically diverse, gastronomically tastier and, above all, more ecological :) So we believe that they will succeed.

We already know what it will look like this year in the squares of our biggest cities. We are preparing several materials from markets in different cities, so stay connected with us via our website , facebook , or download our app on iOS and Android called GoSlovakia.

I promised to take a look at the classic events this week, so what do we have here? We are dancing at Katarína, we will look at an overview of balls, we will show where you can see a lot of money together and the beautiful Deborah de Luca in Bratislava's Edison Park will also play for us .


Already on Friday, November 22, the Katarínska entertainment is in the Cífer cultural house , the entrance fee is € 13, it is said that you need to figure out what makes you feel good. A day later in Majcichov it will be a bigger show. Catherine's ball in the "culture". He will play DJ-Ivan, maybe someone will be attracted by the event's headliner himself. Anyway, start at 19:00 and enter 40 €. Chtelnica also prepared its Catherine's Ball . The group Exil will play and for 20 € it is the "best value". Bratislava also has its ball and the Katarínsky ball will take place in the large hall of the Istrocentrum. It's all under the auspices of Fragolino, it's the prosecco you all buy. They also have a moderator and DJ from www.be-happy.sk.

The ball is nothing for you, so let's take a look at Edison Park in Bratislava, where an Italian from Naples will play on Saturday, November 23, 2019, who will fill many big clubs even at the age of 39. MocNoc MUSIC, invites you to this unforgettable night with Debora de Luca.


I also mentioned the banknote exhibition. There will be a huge amount of money buried in the Trenčianske Teplice spa. Unfortunately, with a face value of € 0. The Café Hotel Krym hosts a sale of € 0 banknotes from around the world. The banknote exhibition takes place on Saturday, November 23, 2019 during the day.

From today's Where to Weekend, it's all. Don't forget to download the app so that you don't miss any event or trip tip. From next week we will test Christmas markets in several Slovak cities.

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Reported by: Maťo Šimončič
Updated on: 3.12.2019
Source: GoSlovakia

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