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Maťo Šimončič

Maťo Šimončič

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Have you already noticed the Christmas trees in the shops ??? I already hey and it scared me a lot. Again, the time has come when the consumer has his hands up and his mouth in a wide smile. Do you know what has the highest price for me? These are experiences that you will experience with your friends, partner, family or children. So let's see what experiences await us this weekend. So that I don't forget all the events, you can also check out our mobile application in the App Store and Play Store called GoSlovakia.

On Friday, another spectacular show will come to Levíce. the Russian Circus on Ice will be presented at the Winter Stadium . The extraordinary fiction of light, especially the music created for the show, colorful costumes, fantastic numbers, special effects and, of course, the unsurpassed mastery of the artists, form the magnificent world of the Russian Circus on Ice. The Triumph show is a combination of all genres of contemporary circus art, jugglers, acrobats, illusionists, gymnasts and, of course, clowns will perform on the magnificent ice rink . The artists will present all their numbers on skates on the ice.

Source: Mesto Levice

Sometimes we don't even realize what sights and holidays we remember, we say to ourselves that it's free . A very important holiday fell on Sunday this time. It is November 17 and we are celebrating 30 years since the revolution . What did this date give us? For many, the most valuable. It is freedom. If something is part of our daily lives, we take it for granted, and only when we lose it will we realize what we have lost. Who would want to lose freedom? Although we sometimes disagree with the opinions of the surroundings, please respect them, otherwise it could end up as in Orwell's novel 1984 and no one wants that.

In Trnava, the city joined forces with several private actors and prepared the event HONOR OF FREEDOM, the entire program can also be found on our website under this event. The program lasts the whole weekend and will continue in the Ján Palárik Theater, the West Slave Museum, the Courtyard of Contemporary Culture and other places throughout Trnava.

Source: Facebook
The time is coming for slaughterhouses, crushed animals, jelly and liver. If you are a proper carnivore on Saturday from 15:00 you will come to your own. In the "culture center" in Križovany nad Dudváhom, the best that the local masters have prepared awaits you. Seniors will definitely enjoy the group Bučančani, so take your parents or grandparents to have fun. Tasting of slaughterhouse specialties already this Saturday.
Source: Facebook (13.11.2019)
You have Katarína in your family, so you know for sure that on November 25th she is Katarína. The time of the "Catherine's Balls" is associated with this name . The village of Špačince has prepared one for Saturday, November 16, 2019 . It is already the 17th year and the entertainment is said to be legendary. So if you feel like it and call your partner, call the poster number and take care of the program for Saturday night.
Source: Špačince (13.11.2019)
We celebrated our freedom, we ate at the slaughterhouse and what now? How about burning unnecessary calories at a party? I can recommend one that will last until Sunday morning. In the "monkey" or if you want the Monkey club , the club stable EMTYDEE will be introduced , which will play electronic club games. However, he will be seconded by Paul La Poyd, as Paľo is from the crew who call themselves "I'm going to TECHNO" , his mixes will push the shutters on this club into the early morning. So what do we see at EMTYDEE in the HOUSE at the Monkey Club this Saturday?
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook (13.11.2019)

The great theatrical comedy KLIMAKTÉRIUM is coming to Cífer on Sunday. The heroines of our production - Pamela, Kristína and Žofia - meet at the birthday party of Marika - one of them. To not only have fun and recapitulate their lives so far, but to rise above the problems that everyday life, job loss, men, their children, health and aging bring them. For the fate befell every one of them, and bind them together. Our heroines love each other - but they also enjoy each other with gusto. They can shoot themselves! However, none of them takes themselves too seriously. They defy their destiny. What? Humor and self-irony. Nothing is sacred to them. Above all, not their age, appearance and weight. They have fun and sing about the difficult fate of today's woman. Come and have fun at the culture center in Cífer 17.11.2019 from 18:00.

Source: Facebook (13.11.2019)
Don't think about work on Sunday, what awaits you on Monday, enjoy it yet! For example, in Zelenec in the cultural house at 18:00 the well-known group Fragile will perform .
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Updated on: 3.12.2019
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